Crow's Feet Causes and Tips on How to Get Rid of Them ...


Crow's Feet Causes and Tips on How to Get Rid of Them ...
Crow's Feet Causes and Tips on How to Get Rid of Them ...

Crow's feet are wrinkles that develop on the skin around your eyes. Even though aging and other natural factors can cause these wrinkles to appear, they can be eliminated. However, before you can get rid of crows feet, you need to know its causes. Check out some of the common causes of Crow's feet.

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Ultraviolet Rays

When you go out in the sun, your skin becomes exposed to UV rays. While this may be beneficial to your skin, being exposed to these rays for a long time may cause damage. Some of this damage includes wrinkles, especially around your eyes because the skin there is very delicate. To prevent this, you are advised to wear a pair of sunglasses when going out into the sun.


Natural Aging

Yes, crow's feet are also part of the natural aging process. Your skin loses its elasticity as you grow older. This will prevent your facial skin from going back to its original form and wrinkles will begin to appear around your eyes.


Facial Expression

If you like making a particular facial expression all the time, it may cause Crow's feet. However, this realization shouldn't stop you from smiling or scowling whenever you feel like it.


Weight Loss or Gain

As your weight fluctuates, the skin on your face can also expand or shrink depending on the case. When this happens, a lot of times, your facial skin will lose its elasticity and may result in Crow's feet.

Tips to Getting Rid of Crow's Feet:

Now that you know the causes of Crow's feet, you can follow the simple tips below to get rid of them.

Follow a Healthy Diet

If you want your skin to go back to shape, you need to maintain a healthy diet. Also, ensure you eat foods that contain unsaturated fats. Other foods you can eat to eliminate Crow's feet include fish, avocado, and nuts.

Control your Sugar Level

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, you need to control your sugar level. One of the ways you can do that is by reducing your sugar intake. Besides aiding the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, excessive sugar intake causes inflammation.

Protect your Face from Sunlight

Another way you can get rid of Crow's feet is by protecting your face from sunlight. The ultraviolet radiation present in sunlight will not only cause wrinkles to appear around your eyes but will also weaken your facial muscles. To protect your face from sunlight, make use of sunscreen or get a pair of sunglasses.

Get Skincare Products

Skincare products have proven to be useful in getting rid of Crow's feet. If you think the other methods of eliminating wrinkles are slow, then you should get skincare products. However, you must get the right one that will not only get rid of Crow's feet but will suit your skin.

You may develop wrinkles around your eyes due to aging or by carrying out wrong health practices. Regardless of the cause of your wrinkles, you can say goodbye to them using the tips discussed in this article. Finally, reach out to Dr Brandt for the best products to help with crow feet.

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