Don't Let These Nasty Environmental Toxins Anywhere near Your Skin ...


Don't Let These Nasty Environmental Toxins Anywhere near Your Skin ...
Don't Let These Nasty Environmental Toxins Anywhere near Your Skin ...

There are many environmental toxins that are harmful to your skin, which makes it a good idea to learn a little more about them. That way, you have the knowledge to counteract the negative side effects and keep your skin looking lovely and fresh no matter what the world throws your way. There is no guaranteed way to avoid environmental toxins that are harmful to your skin, even if you hole up in your house and never leave, so careful protection and a healthy skincare routine are the best tools in your arsenal.

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Perhaps one of the scariest of the many environmental toxins that are harmful to your skin are dioxins. They are a result of chemicals released during combustion techniques, according to experts. They can cause skin rashes and discoloration on the skin, but they can also lead to a very serious skin disease that causes lesions. Dioxins have also been linked to the development of excessive body hair.



For most people, a dip in the swimming pool causes no problems, but some people are sensitive to chlorine and might suffer from skin irritation after exposure. However, exposure to chlorine in large amounts can cause more severe issues. Chances are that swimming is perfectly fine, but if you notice any issues after toweling off, check with your doctor for your options.



There’s really no getting around pesticides. You will have a very hard time avoiding them altogether. Though they don’t usually cause problems for the average person, they can be absorbed through the skin. That means they pose the risk of skin irritation, infections and other issues. However, the pesticides can also get into your blood, which can cause other health problems. Try to avoid pesticides whenever possible, but don’t drive yourself crazy with it.



Solvents are generally products that are used to dissolve other substances, according to the National Library of Medicine. Examples include paint, dry cleaning fluids, coolants, nail polish remover, auto care products and paint thinners and strippers. A small dose of exposure now and then isn’t going to hurt you dramatically, but continued or repeated exposure can lead to dermatitis, skin allergy reactions, depigmentation and halogen acne.



Gasoline can cause issues when you inhale it, so use caution when filling up at the tank. However, skin exposure to gasoline can also have nasty effects. If it gets on your skin, you might wind up with a burn or skin irritation. Getting gasoline in your eyes can cause permanent damage. Long story short – use caution when you are around gasoline.



We all probably use propane in our backyards when we grill dinner. For the most part it’s safe, but if the container is punctured or breaks, you could be at major risk. Skin exposure to propane can cause frostbite. Continued exposure can lead to suffocation so if you come across a broken propane tank, get help – don’t touch it!



Formaldehyde is used in a range of products. Exposure can occur in heavy smog, through second hand smoke, exposure to open fires, when using nail polish, when you get new carpet, as you paint your house and when you use certain cleaning items. Reading labels is a good way to avoid it. Skin contact can cause severe allergic reactions and skin rashes in some people.

Did you learn something new? It’s scary to think about all the skin issues that the world around you can cause. Being careful is an easy way to stay safe. How do you protect your skin from the environment?

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