Are You Making These 7 Skin Mask Mistakes?


Are You Making These 7 Skin Mask Mistakes?
Are You Making These 7 Skin Mask Mistakes?

Skin masks are a great treatment for your skin. They can help you to have clearer, softer, more youthful skin. It’s a great way to get that fresh feeling and have your best skin ever. But it’s important to make sure you’re using skin masks correctly and avoiding these 7 mistakes.

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Not Cleansing Your Face First

Skin masks are not cleansers! Some of them are designed to give your face a deep down cleansing but not without removing your makeup first. Always take the time to remove your makeup 💄before applying a skin mask. It’s fine to leave your eye makeup on since you will be avoiding the eye area but the rest of your makeup needs to go. You’ll get so much more from your skin mask this way.


Using the Wrong Formula for Your Skin Type

There’re oodles of different types of skin masks. I’m sure the number is up in the thousands, if not higher. So there’s something for every skin need you could have. Don’t settle for any old mask. Select on that addresses your specific skin needs.


Applying Too Much

This’s a common and easily made mistake. It generally takes very little of the product to effectively cover your face. There’s no worse feeling that that of a skin mask dripping off your face. Start with a dime size amount and add more if needed. This also helps your product to last longer and saves you money. 💰


Limiting Yourself to Only One Mask

You don’t have to limit yourself to only one mask. Maybe you want to treat acne, pore size and an uneven complexion. It’s difficult to get all of that from one mask. It’s okay to have more than one mask tucked back in your skincare. Switch it up and use a different one each week. You’ll have the best skin possible when you treat all your skin issues.


Keeping Masks Too Long

This’s another commonly made mistake when it comes to skin masks. Masks typically expire around the two year mark. Sometimes they’ve got a specific expiration date on them; if not, two years is a good expiration estimate to go by. After that, they need to be tossed. Using an expired mask can mean you’re no longer getting all the benefits from it or that it could even irritate your skin.


Leaving It on Too Long

Do you do this too? You apply a skin mask and then get busy doing something and forget to remove it? I’ve been guilty of this! I’ve found the best way to avoid this is to set a timer. This’s especially important if you’re using a mask that could dry your skin such as one for acne or oil control.


Not Removing It Fully

Let’s just be honest. Masks can be a pain to remove. Doesn’t it always seem there’s a little bit left behind? I’ve found the best way to remove a mask fully is to rinse twice. Another option is to shower 🚿right after taking a mask off so that you can remove every last trace. There’s no worse feeling than that of leftover gooey skin masks.

These’re 7 skin mask mistakes. Which ones trip you up? Also, I’d love for you to share the names of your favorite skin masks!

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WHat is on her poor Face?????

Of course I make these mistakes. I'm an expert at mistakes. 

It's a sheet mask Peggy, they are very efficient.

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