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Have you tried dry brushing yet? Not sure what all the fuss is about? The benefits of dry skin brushing go beyond skin deep, offering whole-body benefits to your health. It’s easy to do and doesn’t cost anything other than the purchase of a brush (but one with natural bristles for the best results) so there’s really no excuse to give it a try.

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Lymphatic System

One of the key reasons to dry brush is that it does wonders for stimulating your lymphatic system. Within the body, the lymphatic system is responsible for getting rid of cellular waste products, and this means that when your lymphatic system is not working properly, there can be a buildup of waste and toxins that run the risk of making you ill. The process of dry skin brushing in this context acts a powerful aid for detoxification.



Another of the benefits of dry brushing is that it provides one of the best overall exfoliation experiences for your body. The process of dry skin brushing helps to remove dead skin layers, clears clogged pores and allows the skin to ‘breathe’ better without all of the microscopic debris. It improves your skin’s appearance, giving it a refreshed, more youthful and healthy look compared to before.

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In the act of dry brushing your skin, you are increasing your body’s circulation in the affected areas. As a result of this increased circulation you are also encouraging the elimination of unwanted metabolic waste that your body might have accumulated at any time. An increased circulation does not only help the look of your skin, but it can also help to improve your overall state of health in every area.



The act of dry skin brushing has been proven to help with the reduction of unwanted cellulite. The brushing motion helps to soften up any hard fat deposits that sit under the skin, and this softening helps to distribute the fat more evenly and diminish the appearance of bumpiness that is the telltale sign of cellulite. Dry brushing has also been said to help reduce cellulite thanks to removing toxins that work to break down connective tissue in the upper legs.


Stress Relief

The repetitive process of dry brushing has been described by some as a pleasingly meditative thing to do to your body. It can reduce muscle tension and calm your mind that altogether can work to lower any levels of stress that you might be experiencing because of work or personal life matters. If you can dedicate a good chunk of time to dry brushing, it can almost feel like you are receiving a light body massage.


Digestion and Kidney Function

The effects of dry skin brushing can go even deeper than just surface level, with many experts claiming that the act of massaging your lymph nodes can help your body to shed toxins and excess water, which in turn can help to improve things like kidney function and digestion.



Many people who have committed to a regular dry crushing routine have described it as becoming ‘addictive’ (in a good way!), and this is because it simply makes you feel so good. Not only does your skin feel tighter and fresher, the entire process can leave your feeling fully invigorated after ridding your body of dead skin and toxins.

So try brushing not only for improving your skin’s aesthetics but also your overall health.

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I'm searching for a good brush, my eye on body shop brush so excited to try it especially for cellulite 😻❤️❤️

Good article

I dry brushed last summer, but got lazy & stopped :\

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