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Regional skincare tips are handy to have as the seasons change because much of the skincare advice you find is general. However, if you live in a really dry climate, your skincare needs likely differ than those of someone living in a damp, warm climate. Understanding the regional skincare tips for the place you live can go a long way toward ensuring that you have your most beautiful skin, no matter the weather outside. Here are some good ones to keep in mind.

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Warm Showers Instead of Hot

In many parts of the country, a long hot shower at the end of the day sounds heavenly. However, dermatologists say that it’s actually one of the worst things for your skin if you live in areas where you’re exposed to dry indoor air, making it one of top regional skincare tips to keep in mind. That includes most northern parts of the United States and some Midwestern and western areas too. If you use forced air a lot during the winter, take warm showers instead to keep dry, irritated skin at bay.


Protect Exposed Skin

Really, this tip applies to anyone who lives in an area of the world where the temperature dips in the winter. However, it’s especially important if you live in a region that gets a lot of wind during the cold months. The East Coast of the United States is one such place. Make sure you keep your skin protected outside and apply moisturizer once you’re back indoors.


Wear Sunscreen

In some parts of the world, the Southeast United States for example, the sun still shines pretty brightly during the winter, which means you should always be slathering on the sunscreen before heading outdoors. In such places, the weather tends to see a dramatic temperature range over the course of the day, so be sure you are reapplying every couple of hours and anytime you decide to head outside.


Switch to a Creamy Moisturizer

This is especially important if you live in humid areas that see mild winters, such as the southern United States. Make sure that if you live in such a place, that you are wearing a creamy moisturizer rather than a watery one. That way your skin stays hydrated and lovely all winter long without worry that your products will slide off your skin in the humidity.


Plug in a Humidifier

For most people, myself included, winter means dry indoor air and very little time spent outside because it’s just too cold. If that’s the case for you, dermatologists recommend using a humidifier inside to add moisture back to the air. This is good news for you because it will keep your skin healthy, hydrated and beautiful, no matter how cold it is outside.


Wear More Moisturizer

This is a tip that applies to virtually every region of the world. Dermatologists say to slather on the moisturizer and give it a minute or two to soak into your skin. If you live in windy, dry regions, reach for a thick moisturizer. If you live in wetter areas, a general lotion moisturizer is probably just fine for you.


Use Liquid Soap

If you live in the Southwest United States, or anywhere else that has hard water, it’s a good idea to switch to liquid soap and toss your bar soap. That’s because liquid soap tends to wash off easier in hard water, which leaves less buildup and residue on your skin. That, of course, translates to healthier skin all around.

What region do you live in? I hope these tips have helped you take the best care of your skin possible. Do you have any other regional tips to share?

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Sunscreen is vital no matter where you live as UV radiation (the cancer and aging bad guy)

Is not dependent on the amount of sunshine

Total agree with your points ..

Totally agree with your points ..

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