7 Terrific Tips on Preventing Aging Hands ...

No matter how old you are, you can still take steps to learn to how to prevent aging hands! If you’re younger, you want to prevent aging hands before it starts and if you’re older, you can still prevent further aging and damage now! Check out these 7 terrific tips on preventing aging hands below!

1. Sunscreen

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We always stress the importance of using sunscreen on our faces but it’s just as important in caring for hands! Your hands are just as susceptible to sun damage as your face and it’s estimated that 90% of wrinkles and discolorations on our face and bodies is from the sun! Make it a habit to apply sunscreen on your hands right after you apply it on your face and neck so you don’t forget and reapply throughout the day.

2. Antioxidants

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Preventing aging hands takes some work but you can easily make some tweaks in your daily beauty routine to include your hands. Use some of your facial antioxidant cream or serum on your hands to protect your skin from all the damaging effects of the environment.

3. Moisturize

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It’s probably safe to assume that you use hand lotion pretty regularly to keep your hands moisturized. That’s a good thing but you can take a step further and use lotion enriched with ingredients like alpha hydroxyl acids, oils and vitamins. These ingredients will not only calm dry skin but you’ll get the added benefits of keeping your hands moisturized through hand washing or rejuvenating your skin!

4. Protect

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Learning how to prevent aging hands takes more than applying topical creams. Protect the skin on your hands by wearing gloves whenever you do housework, gardening and to shield your skin from the cold weather. Wearing gloves while doing housework not only protects the skin on your hands but delicate nails as well.

5. Exfoliate

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Exfoliating is an important part of overall skin care and it also applies to hand care. Exfoliating the skin removes dead skin cells and reveals new skin underneath so you can reduce the dull or rough-looking appearance of your hands. The only caveat to be aware of when exfoliating your hands is be gentle since the skin isn’t as thick as the skin on your feet or body. You can use a body exfoliator or make your own at home by mixing a cup of sea salt and a ½ cup of oil like olive or jojoba and a few drops of essential oil!

6. Avoid Chemicals

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When you think of preventing aging hands you might not think of everyday products irritating the skin and contributing to look of hands, but it can! Chemicals in hair care products, beauty products and soaps can all irritate and inflame the skin causing our skin to look less than stellar. Use natural products that won’t irritate your skin to keep it looking healthy and youthful!

7. Hydrate

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Hydrating your skin by drinking lots of water and nourishing skin by eating healthy foods is part of preventing aging hands. We really are what we eat (and drink) so if you’re only chugging dehydrating caffeinated drinks and eating highly processed foods, your skin and body aren’t going to be happy and it’ll show! Eat clean and drink lots of water to plump and hydrate skin!

As you can see, discovering how to prevent aging hands is quite similar to caring for your facial skin. This makes it that much easier to remember the steps in order to have to youthful-looking and smooth hands! Do you do any special treatments for your hands? Do you have any tips on caring for hands?

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