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8 Best Skincare Products ...

By Jelena

Best Skincare Products I’ve ever used were not waaay to expensive, in fact, some of them were quite cheap and worked better than most much pricier solutions. I still use most of those products today, either on regular basis or during specific times of the year. Now, since I’ve used these products and verified how great they are, keeping them a secret would be totally evil. That’s why I’ve decided to make my list of best skincare products and help all of you find your own! So, without further ado, here are 8 of the very best skincare products I had the chance to use:

1 Shiseido Sun Protect Compact Foundation

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This SPF34 foundation is one of the best skincare products I’ve ever tried in my life and, looking from this perspective, I really can’t believe I used to do just fine without it! My sister completely agrees as this is the only product that fits both of our complexions and skin types (which happen to be very different, by the way) perfectly. The foundation itself is very light but provides great coverage and amazing, long lasting matte results and SPF 34 really makes me feel safe and totally protected against all dangers that may arise out of spending some time in the sun.

2 Nivea Body Lotion

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Oh, come on, tell me you don’t love the classic dark blue Nivea body lotion! I’ve used many, sometimes quite expensive products but none of them ever came close to this one. Even my grandma loved Nivea products and, believe me, they wouldn’t last so many years (read 100 years!) if the products weren’t good. Now, I can’t say all of their products are great, but I sure have a lot of love for their classic blue line of nice, hydrating things that do my very dry skin good!

3 Sebamed Face and Body Wash

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The next one on my list of best skincare products is one product I return to very often, despite my incredible desire to try as many different face washes as possible. This face and body wash is great for all skin types but I especially recommend it to ones with problematic skin and blemishes as it literally wipes away all spots and inflammations!

4 Korres Body Butters

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Korres body butters are also one of, in my opinion, best skincare products for people whose skin requires extra hydration and care. I’ve discovered these products by accident and, as it usually happens, they soon became standard items in my bathroom. My fiancé bought something in the local pharmacy and they gave him a pack of Korres body butter as a gift which he, of course, handed over to me. And… well, you know the rest – I loved it!

5 Eucerin Shower Oil

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Dry skin that gets itchy and red if you don’t apply body lotion immediately after the shower needs a hydrating body wash or even better, oil! So, the next time you’re about to go shop for skincare products, take my advice and buy Eucerin calming shower oil! This is without any doubt one of my favorite summer products as it renews and hydrates dry skin perfectly and makes applying greasy, super hydrating body lotions totally optional.

6 Eucerin Intimate Wash

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Regular soaps and body washes are too harsh for the sensitive intimate area and may cause rash and irritation as well as more serious problems such as yeast infections. That’s why I use intimate washes that are Ph balanced and mild. This wonderful product shown above will not only help you avoid infections and irritations but provide relief and additional help in case you’re already suffering from such problems.

7 Clinique Pore Refining Serum

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I had my fair share of breakouts as a teen which resulted in a few pretty big craters that used to house some of the largest blackheads I’ve ever seen! My nose and chin are also my critical zones meaning that I still have enlarged pores here. Well, this product has helped me a great deal and although it can’t exactly do magic, I really have to agree it’s one of the best skincare products you can turn to if you’re having the same problems as me. I’m still using it sometimes (read: when I’m not bored) but if you really want amazing results you shouldn’t be as lazy as me.

8 Evian Mineral Water Spray

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I’ve read about this product in my favorite magazine some years ago and decided I simply must find it and give it a shot. And guess what – it really is great, especially during summer! They say it revives makeup as well but I’ve never tried that myself. I use it on the beach, to make sure my face doesn’t try up like a prune and take with me whenever I know I’ll be spending a lot of time outside the house. It’s a truly magnificent way to refresh your skin and I recommend it to all of you who spend a lot of time in the sun or in closed, air-conditioned spaces.

Well, ladies, these are some of the best skincare products I have to recommend and I must say you won’t be disappointed if you decide to give them a try. But, now that you know everything about my skin type, maybe you can help me discover new products as well! Do you have some of your best skin care products to recommend?

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