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You hear all about the bath products that should be lining your shower shelves, but what about the ones you should absolutely stay away from. Luckily, the experts in all things skincare have done the work for us. By avoiding certain products you ensure that your skin always looks lovely and healthy. Here are the ones to stay away from. Don’t worry if you’ve already used them, just toss them and purchase something different from here on out. Your skin is sure to thank you.

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Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath I know how luxurious a warm soak in the bubble bath can be, but some experts caution against using the stuff. Why? Because the ingredients in many bubble bath products can interfere with a healthy vagina and may lead to strange discharge and dry and irritated skin in an area where you don’t want dryness and irritation. Bubble bath can also cause UTI’s and yeast infections in some women.


Shampoos That Contain Parabens

Shampoos That Contain Parabens I’m not suggesting that you quit washing your hair, but it is a good idea to look at the ingredients label before buying. Parabens, which are used in many types of shampoo have been linked to hormonal changes that can lead to cancer and health issues. On top of that, they can also be irritating to your scalp. Choose shampoo that is made from natural ingredients and you can easily avoid this problem.


Lotion That Has Zinc in It

Lotion That Has Zinc in It Zinc is a nutrient that your body needs, but lotions that contain it have been reported to clog pores, which can lead to breakouts of acne. When your pores are clogged with dirt, bacteria and other junk, your skin is not as healthy as it could be. By switching to a zinc-free formula, you can hydrate your skin without worrying about pimples.


Pink Colored Bath Crystals, Soap or Bombs

Pink Colored Bath Crystals, Soap or Bombs I love pink, but when it comes to bath products, many of the pink colored ones are made with D&C Red 6, a potentially harmful dye. Some reports show that the dye can contain arsenic and mercury. At the least, these chemicals can cause irritation to the skin, especially in people who are sensitive to them. Try to avoid this dye in any of your bath products and you’ll be so much happier.


Petrolatum Lotions and Potions

Petrolatum Lotions and Potions The most popular product this ingredient is found in is petroleum jelly, otherwise known as Vaseline. It is super hydrating, but it forms a barrier on the skin that blocks moisture evaporation. Use too much in too many areas and you risk overheating because you won’t be able to sweat efficiently. So avoid creams and lotions that contain it, in your bath as well as after your bath, so that you skin doesn’t suffer the consequences.


Anything That Contains Added Fragrances

Anything That Contains Added Fragrances We girls like to smell fresh and feminine, but some added fragrances can be harmful. Not only do they contain chemicals that aren’t healthy for your body, but they can cause rashes and irritation as well as exacerbating skin conditions like eczema. Switch to fragrance-free soaps, shampoos, conditioners and shaving creams and the improvement you see will be well worth it.


Bath Oils with Imidazolidinyl Urea

Bath Oils with Imidazolidinyl Urea Urea is basically a protein your body makes in urine. Gross, right? Well, dermatologists say that it can cause contact dermatitis in people. That is, a rash that occurs anywhere that comes into contact with the ingredient. Anywhere! So avoid soaking with bath oils that contain the ingredient or you may wind up itching where you don’t want to itch.

Do you plan to scrutinize your bath products now? Which ones are you going to get rid of?

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This will hopefully save my skin from any future problems

Megan, zinc oxide is the natural form of sunscreen. It tends to be less irritating than chemical sunscreens. Also, using products that are cruelty-free are very good for your skin because if it didn't need to be tested on an animal, it probably doesn't contain harmful ingredients. Check out leapingbunny.org for a good list of brands to use!

Zinc, that is.

T.Y. Adrienne. I am a consumer of Burt's Bees & some natural oils. Glad to here zinc is A-Ok for sunscreens-though.

That's informative thanks a bunch.

Maybe I should switch sunscreens because it's listed on the ingredients.

So what is good to use then?

Thanks for the valuable information. I will be careful now in choosing bath products because I'm allergic to so many things and my skin is frequently damage.

Hmmm.. Makes me question about bath & body... Idk

Thanks for the article

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