7 Bath Products That Can Ruin Your Skin ...

You hear all about the bath products that should be lining your shower shelves, but what about the ones you should absolutely stay away from. Luckily, the experts in all things skincare have done the work for us. By avoiding certain products you ensure that your skin always looks lovely and healthy. Here are the ones to stay away from. Don’t worry if you’ve already used them, just toss them and purchase something different from here on out. Your skin is sure to thank you.

1. Bubble Bath

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I know how luxurious a warm soak in the bubble bath can be, but some experts caution against using the stuff. Why? Because the ingredients in many bubble bath products can interfere with a healthy vagina and may lead to strange discharge and dry and irritated skin in an area where you don’t want dryness and irritation. Bubble bath can also cause UTI’s and yeast infections in some women.

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