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11 Best Body Scrubs for a Silky-Smooth Skin ...

By Heather

If you’ve been dying to get the skin that you’ve always wanted with the best body scrubs on the market, don’t look anymore! This list has been pulled from everywhere on the internet, and girls, you better get ready to see some of the best body scrubs in the world! Below, I’ve got 11 body scrubs that will keep your skin looking easy, breezy and beautiful!

Table of contents:

  1. Clinique sparkle skin body exfoliating cream
  2. Ole henriksen african red tea exotic body scrub
  3. Dermadoctor kp duty body scrub
  4. Ren moroccan rose otto sugar body polish
  5. Red flower ohana gingergrass bamboo scrub
  6. Bliss hot salt scrub
  7. Bliss super slough scrub
  8. Origins modern friction for the body
  9. Philosophy microdelivery exfoliating wash
  10. Fresh brown sugar body polish
  11. Soap & glory

1 Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream

If you’ve been looking for a body scrub that is not only going to hydrate your body but also going to really give you that glow you crave, this is it! Just slip some on about five minutes before your shower and you’ll see the huge difference in the way your skin feels and behaves! Easy, right? It’s no surprise Clinique has one of the best body scrubs you can find!

Price: $25.00 at

2 Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Exotic Body Scrub

Your skin is something that you should cherish. If you want something that is going to offer antioxidant protection, has some sugar granules for its exfoliating features and is packed with nourishing botanicals, this is the body scrub for you!

Price: $75.56 at

3 DERMAdoctor KP Duty Body Scrub

Going to your doctor for your skin is really difficult. You have to make an appointment, they have to run tests and overall, it is inconvenient. If you want something that is medical-quality, this is the scrub for you! This scrub helps prepare your skin for self-tanning and can overall help your skin look beautiful!

Price: $46.00 at

4 REN Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish

If you are looking for a body polish that is really going to heal up your dry skin, this one is it! It’s not only super silky, but it’ll leave your skin with a sheen that is unmatched! Seriously girls, this is a beautiful body scrub that is so soft and so easy to use!

Price: $60.00 at

5 Red Flower Ohana Gingergrass Bamboo Scrub

If the circulation of your blood is not all that great and you are really looking to remove a lot of the rough and dry skin, this is the scrub for you! It’s packed with red flower, ginger grass and even has some bamboo in it! It’s a complete wake up for your skin and it is so, so awesome smelling!

Price: $68.00 at

6 Bliss Hot Salt Scrub

This is a body scrub that is all about heating up! It’s a self-heating gel that will give you spa-quality results. It’s got some dead sea salt grains in it that will soften everything up and it’s got some serious sinus-clearing qualities to it. Just rub it on your muscles that are in knots and you’ll feel the difference!

Price: $38.00 at

7 Bliss Super Slough Scrub

If your skin is really rough and you are looking for an amazing gel that is hydrating and that will really revive those dead skin cells, this is the body scrub for you! It has a fresh laundry scent and it tenderizes your skin -- even those rough heels of your feet!

Price: $36.00 at

8 Origins Modern Friction for the Body

This is absolutely one of my favorite body scrubs! Not only will keep your skin totally calm, cool and collected, but it’ll wake you up too! It’s packed with bergamot and peppermint aromas and it’s truly one of the best scrubs that will make your skin oh-so-soft!

Price: $39.50 at

9 Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

If you want your face to be extremely soft and are you are looking for a beautiful exfoliating wash, this is it! It’s mild, it’s gentle on your skin and it’s completely sulfate-free. How incredible, right? This scrub will get rid of every bit of dead skin and leave it flawless in every way!

Price: $26.00

10 Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish

This scrub is an absolute favorite of mine and it’s because it is gentle, moisturizing and you can use it all over your body! It’s entirely natural and it’s packed with brown sugar. If you want a scrub that will give you everything you want, this is it!

Price: $65.00 at

11 Soap & Glory

If you are a fruity girl that is looking for something that will keep your skin looking amazing but that has a fruity smell, this is it! It’s packed with vitamins, has notes of orange oil, citrus and even some frozen yuzu, but it’s still so strong!

Price: $20.00 at

There you have it! All of the best body scrubs out there! All of these scrubs are truly amazing and are some of the best on the market. Give them a try and let us know which ones are your favorites!

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