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If you're anything like me ladies, you're always looking for the best shower gels out there - there are always new and delicious ones to try! From shower gels designed to wake you up to those which create a luxurious, sweet smelling lather, these are some of the best shower gels to try this winter.

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Imperial Leather Foamburst Sweet Vanilla and Cherry Blossom

Imperial Leather Foamburst Sweet Vanilla and Cherry Blossom This super-yummy shower gel is magical! It comes out of the can as a clear gel and provides masses of sweet vanilla and cherry scented foam for a luxurious shower - its lather is so rich it can even double up as shaving foam, so it's two products in one! I think this is one of the best shower gels on the market right now!


Philosophy Melon Daiquiri

Philosophy Melon Daiquiri This scrumptious shower gel can also be used as shampoo and bubble bath, leaving your hair and body with a fresh melon scent. It's my go-to scent when I need a mood boost!


Philosophy Senorita Margarita

Philosophy Senorita Margarita For the freshness of a margarita with lime in your shower, Senorita Margarita is the best! It wakes you up with its zingy lime scent which lingers all day, leaving you feeling fresh and energetic - I love it.


Palmolive Milk and Honey

Palmolive Milk and Honey This simple yet luxurious shower gel is one of my favorites - I always have a bottle on the bathroom shelf. Its blend of milk and honey soothes and moisturizes skin, and leaves you smelling sweet - kind of like a milkshake! It never irritates my skin either, like some shower gels can do.


Nivea Powerfruit Relax

Nivea Powerfruit Relax Mmmm antioxidants, blueberry and acai berry means this shower gel smells great, and it cleanses your skin gently - it always leaves me feeling fresh and awake.


Radox Shower Cranberry and Blackcurrant Smoothie

Radox Shower Cranberry and Blackcurrant Smoothie What could be better than a smoothie for your shower? With real cranberry seeds for a burst of fruity goodness, juicy blackberries and calming chamomile, this really is like washing all over with a fruit smoothie - it smells amazing and I find it leaves my skin really soft too, an added bonus!


Origins Calm to Your Senses Body Cleanser

Origins Calm to Your Senses Body Cleanser This perhaps isn't a shower gel you would use everyday (it's quite expensive), but I was lucky enough to get a little bottle as part of a gift set. It blends relaxing lavender with soothing, sweet vanilla and coconut oil - it smells absolutely amazing and leaves your skin so soft, plus it creates a rich, luxurious lather. This is one of my favorite treats for the shower, and a little goes a long way!


Radox Nourish Shower Cream

Radox Nourish Shower Cream This is a great, moisturizing shower cream if your skin is feeling dry and in need of some pampering. I love its zingy ginger scent that's spicy and uplifting and the natural shea butter helps to soothe and protect dry skin, so it will be soft all winter long!


Dove Go Fresh Revive Body Wash

Dove Go Fresh Revive Body Wash I have the Dove Go Fresh deodorant with pomegranate and am addicted to the scent, so when I saw this body wash with pomegranate and lemon verbena, I had to try it out! It didn't let me down and left my skin feeling smooth and nourished, with no irritation. It's a great shower gel for those lazy mornings when you need waking up as the scent is really fresh and pretty!

So there you have it, 9 shower gels that are perfect for your morning shower (or a shower at any time of day really). You could even use some of these as bubble bath, particularly the Philosophy ones which are designed to be multi-tasking, so there is no need to buy separate products! I love to have a couple of shower gels to choose from, so I can pick one to suit my mood. What is your all-time favorite shower gel?

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