7 Ways Winter Can Ruin Your Skin ...

By Eliza

7 Ways Winter Can Ruin Your Skin ...

I know there are bunches of ways winter can ruin your skin. Do you notice that the skin on your entire body changes when the weather outside gets colder? Me too, and I don’t like it. However, having an understanding of the ways winter can ruin your skin is a super simple way to counteract the issue and keep your skin looking and feeling fabulous, no matter what the thermometer says. Here are some of the best ways to get you started.

Table of contents:

  1. indoor heating
  2. hot water
  3. caffeine
  4. trying new products
  5. wind
  6. extreme cold
  7. alcohol

1 Indoor Heating

Obviously, you aren’t going to spend the winter without having the heating on. That would be miserable! But, dry indoor air is one of the ways winter can ruin your skin. All that dry air dries out your skin, leaving it tight and uncomfortable. Counteract it by moisturizing often and running a humidifier or two in your space to add moisture back into the air.

2 Hot Water

For me, nothing is better at the end of a cold, winter day than a hot shower before bed. It turns out that hot water really does a number on the skin, so it’s better to keep things a little bit cooler. Hot showers can lead to itchy skin that is only made worse when you have to bundle up in warm winter clothing. Scale back on the heat a bit and your skin will thank you for it.

3 Caffeine

There’s less natural light during the average winter day since the sun goes down earlier and comes up later. For some people, that change can leave them feeling groggy and tired. This is also the time of year for holiday parties, which means you might be out later than usual. Overdoing it on caffeine might seem like the answer, but too much contributes to dry skin and pronounced lines and wrinkles. Drink a bit of caffeine, but also make sure you’re loading up on water throughout the day too.

4 Trying New Products

Are you after a new look this holiday season? It’s fun to create a fabulous new face for your parties, but trying out too many new products can leave you with red, inflamed and irritated skin, which will only get worse if you continue layering on tons of products every day. Take it easy and incorporate just a few new things at one time to keep your skin looking great without having to give up experimentation.

5 Wind

There’s no getting away from the wind that rips through during winter. You know how that wind can leave you with dry, chapped skin on your face and any other exposed skin. If you plan to be outside in the wind, use petroleum jelly to protect your skin. When you get back indoors, make sure you moisturize well.

6 Extreme Cold

Many parts of the world are pretty temperate during the winter, but most are frigid at least part of the time. Where I live, we haven’t hit 20 degrees in three days. That extreme cold can result in dry, chapped skin, but it can also lead to more serious issues, such as discoloration, frostbite and more. Protect exposed skin while you’re outside and, again, moisturize often.

7 Alcohol

A drink or two now and then isn’t going to ruin your skin, but a large portion of the winter is taken up with holiday parties, which means you might be downing more than usual. Alcohol is very drying and the effects are worse in the winter when it’s also cold and dry. Limit your intake and your skin will thank you all winter long.

What part of winter ruins your skin? Cold and wind are what I worry about the most. I hope these tips help you out this year. Do you have any other tips for protecting your skin during the winter?

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