7 Fabric Care Tips to Keep Your Skin Irritation-Free ...


Having some fabric care tips in your arsenal is a great way to keep your skin healthy and free of itching, irritation and other icky skin issues. By making good choices when it comes to choosing your clothing and taking good care of your garments at home, you can prevent many of the issues that arise when it comes to your skin and its health. Take a look at these easy fabric care tips and you’ll be well on your way to your best feeling, and most beautiful, skin ever.

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Go Fragrance Free

Often, the fragrance that is added to laundry soap is full of chemicals and ingredients that can irritate your skin. Fortunately, one of the easiest fabric care tips of all is to buy clothing care products that don’t have a scent. That goes for both laundry detergent, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Look for products that are labeled as being fragrance free. They might still have a smell, but it’s natural and not added.


Buy Dye Free

Like added fragrances, laundry care products that are colored often have added ingredients that make them that way. For many people, those items can cause skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin or specific health issues that affect your skin, it’s probably better to look for dye-free soaps and other products. They are usually clear in color, but the label will tell you too.


Look for a Short Ingredient List

Anytime you buy a fabric care product, look at the ingredient list. The shorter it is, the fewer ingredients that could cause a potential problem when they come into contact with your skin. At the same time, seek out products that are mostly comprised of ingredients you can pronounce. Google search anything you don’t know about and you’ll be able to figure out if you want to avoid it or if it’s safe.


Follow the Care Tips

Before washing any new garments, read the care label on the inside. It will tell you the best ways to wash that particular item. Following the instructions will help prevent shrinking. Wearing restrictive clothing can often irritate sensitive skin so you want to be sure your clothing stays the right fit after it’s washed. If the item is safe to wash in hot water, do so because the temperature will kill many of the germs and other icky stuff that gets stuck to fabric and makes it irritating or uncomfortable.


Soften Your Water

While hard water is more damaging when it comes into direct contact with your skin, you might find that washing your clothes in hard water can irritate it to some degree too. To counteract this, use a water softening product in the pipes that run throughout your house. This will benefit you when you do laundry, but will also be good for you skin when you bathe and wash your hands. You can find water softening items at any home improvement store.


Choose Breathable Fabrics

Before you can practice good fabric care, you must first choose your garments. Most experts recommend buying breathable fabrics because they aren’t as restrictive and let the air flow on your skin while you’re wearing the item. Good choices include silk, eyelet, linen, seersucker and 100% cotton.


Choose Soft Materials

It’s also a good idea to feel the materials on your clothing purchases to be sure they won’t be rough and irritating to your skin. Most of the fabrics mentioned in #6 fit the bill and won’t rub you the wrong way. Items to avoid include wool, tweed and anything that feels uncomfortable when you run your hand over it.

Do you have an issue with certain fabrics? Wool is one that I avoid like the plague. It’s so itchy and uncomfortable. Do you have any other great fabric care tips to share with the rest of us?

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