7 All Natural Ways to Keep Your Skin Soft This Winter ...

β€˜Tis the season to be jolly all right, but it’s also the season to worry about ways to keep your skin soft. Along with the crackling bonfires and the steaming mugs of hot chocolate, you also have to deal with dry and dull skin. Nothing takes away from holiday cheer more than scaly and dry skin right? And I know that like me, a lot of you are also constantly looking for chemical-free, organic solutions to softer skin. So read on and maybe you’ll find the perfect natural ways to keep your skin soft this winter.

1. Aloe Vera

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A common ornamental plant, you’ve probably seen Aloe Vera around you quite a bit, masquerading as yet another pretty looking plant. Don’t be fooled. Aloe Vera has some amazing properties and is one of the best ways to keep your skin soft during the cold winter. And instead of buying overpriced products that claim to have Aloe Vera gel in them, you can simply keep a small pot of Aloe Vera in your house, break off a piece of the rubbery leaf every morning, extract the gel and apply it to keep your skin soft and shining.

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