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Using ways to determine your skin tone can really come in handy when you choose cosmetics. You hear all about using the right color and looking for the right undertones when you choose make-up. To me, it all sounds like a foreign language. So, I went on a quest to figure out my skin tone and now I’ll share that information with you so that you can shop for make-up without questioning whether you’re getting the right stuff. So, without further ado, here are some the easiest ways to determine your skin tone.

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Think about Sun Exposure

One of the best ways to determine your skin tone is to consider what happens to it when you spend too much time in the sun. If you forget the sunscreen, do you burn or tan? If you burn easily, you likely have a cool or neutral skin tone. On the other hand, if you tan, you can probably assume that you have a warm or olive skin tone. Now that you know that, don’t ever forget your sunscreen again!


Look at Your Skin Color

Your natural skin color can tell you a lot about your skin tone. According to experts, if your skin has an ash or yellow tint, you have an olive skin tone. If you have skin without any hints or pink or olive, you likely have a neutral skin tone, which makes it easier for you to find the right make-up. A touch of pink indicates a cool skin tone.


Check out Your Veins

Some experts examine the veins on your wrist to determine your skin tone. If yours are blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone. On the other hand, if your veins look more of a green color, you have a warm skin tone. If you have a neutral skin tone, you’ll probably have a hard time figuring out what color your veins are. Easy, right?


Have a Bare Face

When you examine your skin, make sure it is free of make-up and other products. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting less than true results. So, when you get ready to discern your skin tone, wash your face well and pat it dry before getting started.


Grab a Sheet of White Paper

If you’re still unsure of your skin tone at this point, you aren’t alone. It’s not an easy thing to figure out! You can easily use a piece of white paper to see if that helps. Simply hold the paper next to your face. If your face appears yellow or golden, you have a warm skin tone. If your skin has a pinker appearance, you have a cool skin tone.


Look behind Your Ears

If you want a second opinion, have a friend or your partner get a look at the skin behind your ears. This is a good place to determine your skin tone, say many experts. Again, if the skin appears yellowish, you have a warm skin tone. If the skin is pink behind your ears, your skin tone is cool.


Stand in the Light

Lighting is important when you apply make-up because it can make or break how you look when you head outside. In general, you want natural light which mimics most of the lighting in the average locations you spend time. However, the light can also tell you a lot about your skin tone. If you look better in white light, your skin tone is cool. If you look better under yellow light, assume you have a warm skin tone.

Did this help you figure out your skin tone? It turns out I have a cool skin tone, which makes it so much easier for me to choose make-up. What’s your skin tone?

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I'm warm

I thought this would be for ALL skin tones lol

Thanks. LotFor the article now I know my skin tone 😄

Warm skin tone

I am warm toned

Great advice if you're white!

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