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You hear all about the skincare steps you should be following every day, but maybe you haven’t heard as much about the ones you most definitely shouldn’t be skipping. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so you want to take the best care of it possible, right? That includes the thin, sensitive skin on your face as well as the tougher skin that covers the rest of your body. Once you realize which skincare steps you shouldn’t be skipping, you’ll be prepared for the best skin you’ve ever had.

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Washing before Bed

I know all too well how tempting it can be to fall into bed at the end of a busy day without bothering with a good face wash. And I know you’ve heard it a million times before, but I think it bears saying again. Never, ever skip your face cleaning step before bed. Sleeping in your make-up can lead to breakouts and other nasty stuff, so take a couple minutes to suds up before your head hits the pillow.That's probably the most important of the skincare steps!


Wearing Sunscreen

If you follow my posts, you know how adamant I am about wearing sunscreen every day. However, according to skincare experts at Clinique, it’s one of the most skipped steps among women all over the world. That’s bad news because unprotected sun exposure can lead to signs of aging and ups the risk of developing skin cancer. Always wear SPF under your make-up, even if the only time you plan to spend outside is walking to the car and back into the house.


Applying Antioxidants

Antioxidants are nutrients that fight free radical damage, which protect your skin from signs of aging as well as cancer. You can get antioxidants from lots of healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables. However, skincare experts say that most women are skipping an easy skincare step by failing to apply products at night that also contain antioxidants. Stop skipping this step and your skin will thank you for a lifetime.


Forgetting the Toner

There’s actually a lot of debate about whether you really need toner or not. However, some of the top skincare experts in the country say that if you have touchy skin, skipping toner can make it worse. Toner is designed to balance your skin’s pH levels, which can be thrown off by the other products you use. If that’s you, skipping toner is a step you probably shouldn’t be ignoring.



You have to be careful that you don’t exfoliate too often because it can damage your skin. However, a regular exfoliation is important because it helps slough off dead skin cells and lets your radiant skin shine through. Use a gentle product on your face once or twice a week. My favorite exfoliator for my whole body is an equal mixture of white sugar and canola oil. Use it in the shower a few times per month and your entire body will be fresh and smooth.


Wearing Old Make-up

That’s right – make-up doesn’t last forever. Using products that are past their prime is a good way to slather your face with nasty bacteria and germs. Use it and you up your risk of mouth sores and pinkeye. Replace eye make-up every three months or so and lip products after about a year. You should also toss anything that smells funny or looks strange.


Using Dirty Tools

This includes everything from your blush brush to your loofah sponge to the washcloth you grab for several days in a row. Your skin picks up a staggering amount of bacteria and germs throughout the course of a day. Those icky things naturally build up on the tools you use on your skin. Make sure you clean them properly or replace them often to prevent skin infections or even worse.

Do you skip any of these steps? I didn’t realize how bad skipping some of them could be. Are you ready to take better care of your skin now?

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You should also moisturize your face. If your skin is dry, it will produce more oils causing acne. Great tips, by the way!

Seriously, my skin has improved immensely since I started washing my face religiously every night. I'm 21 and I wish I had started so much sooner.

Thank you this article is great

Great article and a good reminder for all of us.

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