7 Summer Skincare Tips to Make the Entire Season Awesome ...


Summer skincare tips can be a lifesaver when the temperature soars and you want to look great without having to sacrifice your favorite routine. Fortunately, there are loads of things you can do to work your beauty magic all summer long. That way you can look your best no matter how hot it gets where you’re spending your warm weather time. Check out these great, and easy to execute, summer skincare tips and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Wear Waterproof

Nothing makes your make-up slide faster than sweat, so one of the best summer skincare tips is to use waterproof when you can. Try a simple routine that includes waterproof mascara and you can bet your look will stay in place no matter what you’re doing. You can also find waterproof eyeliner, shadow and concealer that will stay in place when you sweat.


Wear Sunscreen

I know, I know, it’s been said a million times! Sunscreen is a must because it protects you from sun damage that can lead to aging and skin cancer. However, in terms of beauty, it also keeps freckling and splotching at bay so your complexion looks its best all summer long.


Revamp Your Hair

All that time in the sun and the chlorine of the pool can really do a number on your tresses when it warms up outside. Fortunately, you don’t have to resign yourself to less than stellar hair until fall rolls back around. If you are blonde, rinse your hair with baking soda and baby shampoo to revitalize it. For brunettes, white vinegar can do the same. Redheads can bring back the luster and shine with chamomile tea.


Choose Lighter Products

There’s a time for thick, creamy products, but summer isn’t it. Yes, I too love the feel of a rich foundation or eye shadow, but when it gets hot, that stuff will slide right off. So, skip it until the weather cools off. Instead, use tinted moisturizer and lip gloss to showcase your goods without worrying about reapplying a hundred times every day.


Use Bronzer

You know that natural glow you crave from spending time out in the sun all summer long? You can totally mimic that by using a bronzer on your face both day and night. It adds just the right touch of color and shine and will have everyone asking you where you went on vacation. Plus, it’ll give you a glow without having to use any other products.


Try Cooling Products

They aren’t super easy to find, but if you can get your hands on some cooling products, you’ll be thanking me forever. Some incorporate menthol to give your scalp, skin or face a cool blast just when you need it the most. Or, look for products with palladium, which feel cool to the touch and can give you some relief when the temperature soars.


Chill Your Products

If you can’t find the above items, the next best thing is to just stick your regular stuff in the refrigerator. Be careful because some lose their effectiveness at extreme temperatures, but you can chill your face and body lotion for a couple of minutes just before applying it so it gives you a quick cool down when you slather it on.

How do you keep your beauty products in place during the summer? I tend to tone down my routine and stick with just the basics so I don’t have to worry about sliding make-up or raccoon eyes. Do you have any other tips to add to the list?


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summer - I wear little to no makeup slather on my sunscreen + moisturizer and if I wanna feel extra pretty then water proof mascara, some water proof eyeliner and hot color lipsticks for me I give my face a break

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