7 Easy Ways to Clear Your Skin after a Breakout ...


It’s not always easy to clear your skin after a breakout, especially if you’re in a hurry. However, if you follow a few simple tips to keep your skin clean, you’ll find that you can clear your skin after a breakout fairly quickly. It may even be easier than you think!

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Keep Your Skin Clean Always

It can be really easy to skip your face-washing routine some nights. You could tell yourself that you didn’t wear makeup, so you’re fine. Maybe you’re too tired to get up and rinse your makeup of. Don’t. Stop whatever you’re doing and make washing your face a priority, no matter the circumstances. It's a simple way to clear your skin after a breakout, yet it's so easy to forget about.


Find a Product That Works for You

Some products may induce breakouts and redness for others, while others may completely eradicate any breakouts overnight. Figure out what works for you in a little bit of a trial-and-error process. To avoid spending a small fortune, try to keep track of the ingredients in the products you’ve already used. Usually the ingredients are the same in most facial products.


Try Toothpaste

If you’re really in a pinch, try toothpaste. It will undoubtedly reduce swelling and help clear your breakouts overnight. Toothpaste is the perfect solution if you find a pesky breakout and don’t have many acne products to work with.


Keep Hydrated

Water is the most important part of keeping your skin clear. If you have a big event coming up and are hoping to avoid breakouts, keep hydrated. You’ll probably be amazed at just how awesome your skin looks. If you’re already dealing with a breakout, try drinking a ton of water to clear your skin faster. It will definitely help speed up the process!


Don’t Touch Your Face

This can be one of the hardest tips to follow, especially when you’re already broken out. When you have a breakout, there’s a fairly good chance that you just want to pick at it and pop all of your pimples. Don’t touch your face. It can be difficult to forgo, but if you do it, your skin will thank you.


Make Sure Your Products Are up-to-Date

Most skin products expire. Most people don’t know that, and even if they do, they sometimes forget to replace their products. Benzoyl peroxide, for example, expires after three months, meaning that if you’re using a benzoyl peroxide product on your face that’s over three months old, you’re probably not doing much to it. You could even try labeling your products with when they expire to help keep track!


Clean Your Brushes

It’s so essential that you keep your brushes clean. If you don’t, you’re basically spreading all of the gross germs you’ve ever had on your face, all over your face again. Most people think that cleaning your brushes is tedious, frivolous work, but that’s not always the case. There are a ton of cleaners that make cleaning your brushes simple. My favorite is Sonia Kashuk’s brush cleaner. You simply spray it on your brushes, and the makeup and germs trapped in your brushes basically slides off. It’s magical.

What do you make sure to do to keep your skin clean? Do you ever falter on any of these tips? Personally, I’m guilty of forgetting to wash my face some nights. Let me know your tips and faults in the comments!

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I'm guilty of not cleaning my brushes. how often do you recommend cleaning them?

Differin helps pimples real well for me :)

please don't apply toothpaste to your face! dentist give away toothpaste not dermatologists!

I use baby wipes for my face instead of soap and water and if I ever get a spot I dab witch hazel on it.

it's actually bad if you wash your face because it takes away ur natural oils and it also ages your skin

I have had acne or many years now and have tried many products to help it heal

toothpaste could make the spot more irritated and maybe much darker

I stopped washin my face with cleansers for about 3 months and it improved heaps it starts off bad but gets good later I just need to get those scars away😃

Never use toothpaste. Complete myth! It doesn't help one bit!

it helps to get a refining mask paste and use it overnight on really bad pimple you will see great results

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