7 Common Ways You Could Be Making Acne Worse ...


7 Common Ways You Could Be Making Acne Worse ...
7 Common Ways You Could Be Making Acne Worse ...

Did you ever think that some of the seemingly harmless things you do could actually be one of the ways you could be making acne worse? You read that right, some of the most benign, everyday things can exacerbate acne! I know we’re all diligent with our skin care routines, use quality skin care products and try our best to live a healthy lifestyle so I would hate to see any of us partake in these common ways you could be making acne worse. Keep on reading to get all the details on what can make acne worse.

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Hats and Headbands

Hats and Headbands I never thought about it, but one of the ways you could be making acne worse is if you frequently wear headbands, hats, baseball caps or any other accessory that’s tight or rubs against your skin. Although they might look cute on, anything that rubs against skin or is worn tightly can create fiction and cause skin to become irritated and even make acne worse. This is also true of bra straps so make sure your bra fits properly and wash your bras frequently.


Dirty Phones

Dirty Phones Another one of the common ways to make acne worse is to use a dirty cell phone. I know we’d all like to think our phones are super clean, but the truth is they can be quite the dirt and bacteria magnet. Using a dirty cell phone can cause or worsen acne in the chin and mouth area. Wipe down your phone every day with some alcohol to keep it clean.


Hair Care Products

Hair Care Products If you get breakouts on your forehead, it could be from the hairstyling products you use, having bangs or both. Hair care products can easily get on your forehead and hairline and clog pores. This is especially true if you use a spray applicator. Bangs can actually bring styling products right onto your skin since they’re constantly on your forehead. If you have bangs, keep them out of your face sometimes so your skin has a chance to breathe. If you suspect that your hair products might be causing acne, try switching formulas or change the way you apply products such as spraying your brush or fingers instead of your hair.



Glasses Whether you wear prescription glasses or sunglasses, both types can cause or make acne worse. Eye glasses and sunglasses can trap oil, bacteria and dirt on our skin in addition to creating pressure and friction in certain areas. Keep wipes in your bag or desk so you can clean your frames and keep the area clean. If your glasses don’t fit properly, you might want to take them to be adjusted and consider different frames next time.


Workout Gear

Workout Gear Your workout clothes and equipment could also be behind what could be causing breakouts. Even if you religiously wash your sports bras and clothing, if they’re tight and cause friction, that could be contributing to acne. Also, make sure you clean your yoga mat regularly and cover gym equipment with a towel to avoid transferring any dirt, oil or bacteria to your skin. Be sure you wash your face and hands after you work out so you wash off dirt, sweat and oil.


Skin Care Products

Skin Care Products We count on skin care products to help keep our skin clean and clear, but they sometimes contribute to breakouts! I don’t know about you, but trying new skin care products is like a hobby of mine. The problem in switching new products before they get a chance to work or adding new products to your skin care regimen is that it can cause skin to become irritated and break out. Each new skin care product contains different ingredients and preservatives which can be taxing to our skin. Give each product (including acne-fighting products) at least 4-6 weeks before you switch it out for another.


Washing Your Face

Washing Your Face No matter what type of skin you have, if you overwash your face in an attempt to get rid of pimples or prevent a breakout, it can actually work against you. Washing your face too often can dry out your skin which results in more oil which can lead to acne. On the other hand, if you don’t wash your face thoroughly, you can leave makeup, skin care products, oil and dirt on your face overnight which can clog pores and lead to acne.

The cause of acne can be different for everyone, but these are seven common ways we can make acne worse. Give some of these tips a try and see if it makes a difference on your skin! Do you know of any ways that makes acne worse? How do you prevent breakouts?

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Can using apple cider vinegar as a toner help the skin? Or get rid of acne scars

@cassie washing your face is wonderful! washing it TOO much however strips the skin of necessary moisture which in turns produces more oil, hence more acne. hope that helps :)

How to make your existing acne better?

A dirty pilow can also cause acne.

Witch hazel as a toner helps. Also try sea buckthorn oil soap. It's natural and works

What are some home remedies for acne??? Thanks!

Thank You sooo much..This really helped me

Dairy also causes acne. I use almond milk in my cereal and coffee. I have never had acne (knock on wood) only a couple zits every so often

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