8 Things You're Doing That Are Making Your Breakouts Worse ...

If you are someone who suffers with the state of your skin, then you will know full well that there is nothing worse than a breakout! You try your best to keep your skin happy and content, but one little hormonal change or reaction to a product can cause mayhem for weeks and weeks! Usually, breakouts only tend to last a few days before calming back down again and to keep it this way there is definitely a list of things that you should be avoiding to keep your skin as healthy as possible. Here are some things that make your breakouts worse!

1. Constant Spot Treatment

Reaching for your favourite pimple treatments and creams might be second nature at this point, but you can actually do more damage than good if you overuse them. Putting too much product, even if it is medicinal, on your breakout areas can serve to just further clog up the pores. All in moderation.