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Use These Tips to Transition Your Skin Care Routine from Winter to Spring ...

By Carly

No matter what time of the year it is, you always need to pay attention to your skin and to the ways that you treat it. You might think that because you have one type of skin, you can just use the same products and methods all year round without having to change or adjust, but health and beauty gurus will all tell you that this just isn’t the way you should do things. The change from winter to spring can be a harsh one on your skin, so make sure you do everything you can to be kind to it. Here is how to transition your skincare from winter to spring.

1 Spring Clean

Make sure to go through your bathroom and bedroom cabinets, doing a spring clean of all the lotions, creams and other products that have been hanging around for a little bit too long. Any item that is passed its expiration date needs to be thrown away, because chemicals that have gone over can do more harm than good. Also, get rid of things like old dirty brushes that are going to be more abrasive than helpful these days.

2 Exfoliate

It is essential to keep up a regular routine of exfoliating to replenish skin that tends to get a little dry and flaky over the harsh winter months. Removing dead skin cells and encouraging new cell generation all over your face in the ideal way to give yourself that fresh spring glow that is so wonderful as this time of the year.


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3 Hydrate

Make sure that you stay as hydrated as you possibly can, even if you have to set timers to get those eight recommended glasses of water down a day. The more hydrated you are, the faster your body can flush toxins out of your system, and this is exactly the kind of process that you should be looking to go through to get a new skin boost as spring comes around the corner.

4 Lighter

Warmer, brighter weather means that you can start turning towards face creams that are of a much lighter texture. Thick creams in hot weather can pose the risk of clogging pores by causing overproduction of natural oils. You don’t want to have a shiny complexion with your own collection of blemishes as spring begins!

5 Protection

Now the the winter is over, you need to start thinking more about protection from the sun. Get into the habit of applying a thin layer of SPF every time you are going to be outside for an extended period. It might not feel super hot in the spring, but the sun doesn’t have to be particularly warm in order to do its damage.

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