Get Younger Looking Skin by Using These Simple Herbal Remedies ...

Most of us are concerned about how healthy and vibrant we look, and would love to have younger looking skin. Some people suffer from skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea, to name a few-which challenge our ability to maintain a fresh, youthful appearance.

Some people go to a dermatologist and get prescriptions for skin creams to look younger and to heal skin issues. However, naturopaths believe the skin is the point where toxins exit and causes the skin to become irritated and less elastic. Prescription skin creams can be expensive, even if you have insurance, but luckily, there are a number of fairly inexpensive herbs that can serve the same purpose. Try these herbal rememdies for skin.

1. Dandelion

The lowly dandelion gets a bad rap. Yes, it is the bane of gardeners, but when you consider all the good it does, perhaps gardeners should take a second look. It’s likely you’ll have this on hand and won’t need to purchase it. The dandelion roots are used medicinally, and is usually consumed as a tea. Dandelion root tea can help cleanse the blood and cure skin blemishes by detoxifying the blood. The greens can be eaten in salads as well.