How to Deal with Having Big Pores ...


How to Deal with Having Big Pores ...
How to Deal with Having Big Pores ...

The problem with large pores is that even make up struggles to cover them up to give your skin that nice smooth finish you crave. Pores are more prominent when they are dilated, infected, or clogged with oil, making them appear larger than they really are. A good skincare routine is essential but there are also ways you can minimize large pores:

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Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliate Regularly One of the best things to do when it comes to knowing how to shrink pores is to exfoliate on a regular basis. Regular exfoliation helps to remove dry skin cells that may be clogging up the surface of your pores, and it will also work to make the openings of the pores look a little shallower in comparison to ones that have a layer of dead skin across them. Chemical and natural exfoliants can also be really beneficial in terms of helping to clean out your pores.


Use Sunscreen

Use Sunscreen One of the worst things that you can do for your pores is expose them to a lot of UVA and UVB rays, as this exposure will serve to slow down the production of new cells and give you a more worn look. When your face is exposed to too much radiation, the top layers of the skin can thicken and this will certainly make your pores look much bigger than they really are.


Keep a Clean Face

Keep a Clean Face This might sound obvious, but keeping a nice clean face is the optimum environment for your pores to look smaller and healthier. This can be achieved by cleansing twice every day with a cleanser that has a balanced pH level. Using extra products like a facial brush can also be really beneficial to the health and look of your pores.


Use Steam

Use Steam Applying steam to your face will open up your pores for a short duration to allow all of the dirt, debris and oil to be removed. Once you have completed a steam, you should hopefully find that your face feels fresher and your newly cleaned out pores will look much smaller now that they are free of all the impurities. The ideal duration of a face steam should be somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes. Remember to rinse with cold water afterward to close the pores back up quickly.


Use Retinol Based Products

Use Retinol Based Products Retinol based products are great help because they work to decrease the cohesiveness of your facial skin cells, meaning that debris and oils will find it harder to rest in the pores and can much more easily be removed. Even if you aren’t worried about wrinkles, using something like an anti-wrinkle cream can work great for pore problems.


Have a Spa Day

Have a Spa Day It’s nice to treat yourself once in a while, and though you can do many of these facial procedures at home, it is always nice to have them done for you by a trained professional. Also, spa treatments are not just limited to simple steams, as you could always go for something like a chemical peel if you were interested.


Post Workout Wipe down

Post Workout Wipe down It’s really important that you remember to fully wipe down after a workout, because if there is any sweat lingering on your face afterwards you can be almost certain that your pores are going to be clogged before you make it home from the gym! Keep your face as sweat free as possible to stand the best chance of smaller pores.

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Milk Blur Stick to fill in pores and smooth light acne scars. Takes practice and layers, but once dry, makeup no longer sinks into pores, creating an illusion of smoothness

exfoliation helps but not much.,

@ Liz what's the sponge called ?

Nice post

Yes they do. Steam opens then and cool water makes them close..

I exfoliate carefuly every day, using a sponge from The Body Shop and a cleansing foam that makes my pores look smaller. After this it's so much easier to put BB-cream and the rest of make up on. And the pores are not so visible anymore.

Pores don't open and close. They are just chilling on your face. They look bigger and smaller depending on the person. Cleansing just makes it easier to clean the sebum out of them making them appear smaller. Open and closing pores sounds actually pretty weird once you really think of it. Our skin isn't some sea animal

Taylor is right. They don't open. They don't close. They stay the same size all the time. Once they are stretched with gunk it will not shrink. Just like stretch marks. Steaming can help loosen up the clogged sebum by making it moist, but it doesn't change the pore at all. Cold water after also does nothing. It doesn't close the pores. The myth started because when you are putting cold water on your skin the skin will tighten, but it's just saying it's being dried out by cold and hot water.

Great tips!

So trying this

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