4. Sometimes Home Remedies Are the Way to Go!

With DIY home remedies, you know exactly what you are putting on your skin and the control is all up to you! And, you know that the ingredients that you are using are in fact all-natural. Here are some of the most popular home remedies that exist on the internet:

ยท Mix a little bit of avocado, Greek yogurt and honey in a bowl

. Spread on your face for a hydrating face mask!

ยท Squeeze a little bit of lemon juice and mix with water. Apply onto your acne scars for a dark spot lightening treatment!

ยท Cut up a fresh aloe plant and rub its juices all over your face. Keep it on for a few minutes and wash off with warm water.

ยท Mix brown sugar and honey for a quick and easy face scrub.

Some of My PERSONAL Tips
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