7 Top Tips to Keep Your Summertime Heels from Scaring People ...


It's the season for flip flops, sandals, and bare feet – meaning that it's also the season you need tips for your summertime heels. Without the proper care, you could easily end up with unsightly cracked heels that feel as awful as they look. No one wants to stroll the boardwalk or promenade along the sand with dry, crack heels, right? If you've forgotten about your toes in your haste to play in the sun or get bikini ready, no worries! I've got some top tips for your summertime heels!

1. Treat Yourself to a Pedicure

Getting a pedicure is unquestionably one of the best tips for your summertime heels. Even if it's a monthly treat, you deserve it – and so do your feet. A nice long soak, a wonderful massage, a rigorous exfoliation, and plenty of moisturizer are exactly what the doctor ordered. A pedicure is a one-stop shop, in a way, because your nail technician does many of the things advised in this list!

Put Your Bananas to Good Use
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