7 Super Smart Ways to Avoid a Sunburn☀️🕶 ...

Despite what we might believe, there are actually quite a few ways to avoid a sunburn and surprisingly, it’s not all about SPF. Yes, sunscreen is important and I cover myself with it daily, but there are some other factors to keep in mind if you want some more natural ways to avoid a sunburn or just want some more options. So now that summer is in full swing and sunburns can happen when we least expect it, take note of these smart ways to avoid a sunburn.

1. Eat More Tomatoes

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One of the easiest ways to avoid a sunburn is to eat tomatoes. Tomatoes have high lycopene content, especially when cooked, which can help protect the skin from sunburns. HowStuffWorks.com notes that the properties of lycopene become more effective after you’ve consumed the daily requirement for a few months. So in other words, don’t eat a tomato tomorrow and go out without any sunscreen on.

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