7 Sheet Masks That Will Have Your Skin Glowing ...

Sheet masks are one of my secret weapons in my skin care arsenal! I love using them after I’ve had a long day to give my skin a treat or when my skin looks a little dull or dry and needs some special attention. Cream masks are great and all, but I love how you don’t have to wash off sheet masks or wait for them to dry. You can also pack them away while you’re traveling and you won’t have to worry about it spilling all over your stuff or taking up too much space! If you’re looking for a sheet mask to try out, check out my picks below!

1. Sephora Collection Ultra Soothing Fiber Mask

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One of the sheet masks that I don't own but have on my to-use list is the Ultra Soothing Fiber Mask from Sephora. This sheet mask is on the affordable side, it soothes stressed skin and hydrates and replenishes dry skin. Sephora also has an instant de-puffing mask for the eyes from the same collection that would make a fab treat after a long night out!

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