7 Helpful Pointers on Caring for Body Piercings ...


If you’ve just adorned yourself with a new piercing or two, then allow me to give you some helpful pointers on caring for body piercings! Piercings, like tattoos, have been around for centuries and practiced in many cultures throughout the world as a symbol of courage and masculinity. These days, it’s not just about being manly or courageous; body piercing is done by both sexes for a number of reasons! So whether you’re considering getting your first piercing or have a few under your belt, check out these 7 useful tips on caring for body piercings!

1. How It’s Done

If you’re totally new to body piercings, let’s talk about how it’s done before we get to caring for body piercings. A hollow needle is used to create a hole through the area where you want your piercing, then the jewelry is passed through. Does it hurt really bad? Everyone’s pain threshold is different so it varies from one person to the next.

Time Heals
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