11 Effective Zit Zapping Tips from the Pros ...


In high school, acne was a big problem for me, so I was always on the hunt for the best zit zapping tips and willing to do anything it took to get rid of them. All I ever wanted was my skin to be clear, yet unfortunately, when I was a teen, no effective information was out there that didn’t involve Accutane, Clearasil, or any of those other stinky and ugly creams at the drugstore you put on your face. I couldn’t afford Accutane and wasted tons of money on creams and washes that just irritated my skin. Yet, what I didn’t know that I know now was that my lifestyle was ruining my skin, and it didn’t have to be that way. When I entered my twenties, I learned some of the easiest and best zit-zapping tips I’ve ever received, and my acne was gone within about two months. It also never returned. I’m 28 today and look younger than I did at 16, seriously! I credit this 100% to lifestyle changes that ended up being the best natural zit zapping tips I ever received from some incredible professionals out there. Let me share with you what tips I implemented, so hopefully you don’t have to learn the hard way like I did.

1. Stop Tanning

I was a tanning queen until I learned that one of the most important zit zapping tips is to actually quit tanning and living in those nasty tanning beds or laying in the sun all day. I heard the incredibly false rumor that tanning would clear your skin up, but that’s not really how it works. What really happens is the rays from the sun, or the tanning bed actually radiate your skin cells and acne becomes less apparent. Underneath the first layer of your skin, acne will still occur and keep coming up at some point. Plus, the rays leave deep scar tissue that will be incredibly visible if you don’t keep tanning. It took me about two months of making the transition to see less acne, and my scars finally went away within a year. It wasn’t easy, but now my skin is more clear, consistent and softer than it’s ever been in my life. It’s also wrinkle free!

Sleep More