2. PURIFYING CLAY MASK (for the FACE) - Moisture, Tighten Pores and Clean

Kaolin clay is an affordable clay suitable for sensitive and all type of skin. It stimulates circulation to the skin, while gently exfoliating and cleansing it. Greek yogurt reduces fine lines and wrinkles from forming when used in an anti-aging face mask. The lactic acid in yogurt will help dissolve dead skin, tighten pores and acts as a moisturizer. Spirulina has a high content of vitamin A, vitamin B-12, vitamin E, calcium, iron, and phosphorus, all of which are vital for your skinโ€™s health.


1 spoon of greek yogurt

1 teaspoon of spirulina

1 teaspoon of kaolin powder

A drop of your favorite carrier oil (jojoba, olive, sesameโ€ฆ) to enhance the structure.


Add to a bowl one by one all of the ingredients. Then, clean your face and gently apply the mask with a paintbrush. Donโ€™t put the whole mask on, as you will need to put new layers on every 5 five minutes to keep it muggy. Wait for 15 minutes. Take off the mask. As you've just cleaned your pores, your natural defenses are weak so donโ€™t forget to put on a classic moisturizing cream to follow it up.

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