7. Honey and Cinnamon

Honey is in another at-home acne treatment recipe! Honey really is great for your skin so it’s no wonder it keeps showing up on this list. Cinnamon is pretty awesome too, it can help bring nutrients to the skin’s surface and help dry skin. Grab 2 tbsp. of honey and 1 tsp. of cinnamon powder and make a paste. You can use this to spot treat or apply it all over your face as a mask and rinse off after 20 minutes

. Cinnamon can irritate your skin if you use it too often so limit this treatment to once a week!

These DIY blemish remedies can all be made in a flash and you don’t have to run out to the store to get any of the ingredients! As with anything you use on your skin, you’ll probably want to test it out on a small patch of skin before applying it on your face just in case. I hope these remedies work out well for you! Have you ever tried a DIY blemish treatment before?

Top Image Source: bulletwithbutterflywings.ca

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