7 Coconut Oil Recipes to Use on Your Skin ...

You’ve no doubt heard all the hype about coconut oil’s benefits, and these coconut oil recipes are yours for the taking. There is lots of evidence that applying coconut oil directly to your skin infuses it with nutrients that keep it looking fresh and young. At the same time, it hydrates and leaves your skin smooth and supple. You really can’t ask for more, right? So use these coconut oil recipes to give your skin the pampering it deserves.

1. Lotion Bars

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Coconut oil can be used in liquid form, but you can also use it make these lotion bars that are great for using on your dry skin after a shower. You won’t want to use them on wet skin or they won’t work as well, but this is one of my favorite coconut oil recipes.

1 part coconut oil
1 part shea butter
1 part beeswax

Place the ingredients in a jar designated for making the bars. Put the jar into a small saucepan of water. Heat until the ingredients melt together, stirring constantly. Pour the mixture into molds of your choice and allow to cool and harden completely before removing. You can add essential oils during the melting process if you want scented bars.

Source: wellnessmama.com

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