5. Some of My PERSONAL Tips

ยท Choose a cleaner that is light but will do the job. A lot of times people opt for cream cleansers because they are effective in bubbling up and cleaning the skin. However, I found that cream cleansers can be too heavy for me. So I opt for gel, oil, or even bar facial soap cleansers. I found that the right products can do the same job but leave my face feeling a lot cleaner than cream cleansers do.

ยท Always use a cleaning toner. Even if you use a cleanser, there are always little bits of dirt or makeup that are stuck deep within your pores. A cleansing toner will make sure to grab all of that up and make sure your skin is squeaky clean.

ยท Sometimes simple is better. Iโ€™ve always dreamed of having a 10-step super luxurious and expensive skincare routine. It may sound like a hassle to some, but to those who are into beauty, itโ€™s the routine that we always dream of. But, I found that a lot of the time my skin doesnโ€™t react well to expensive and complex products. Sometimes, the simplest and cheapest light-weight lotion from the drugstore may work the best.

ยท Donโ€™t be discouraged if it takes time! Your skin isnโ€™t going to magically get better overnight. Finding a good skincare routine takes time and patience. So donโ€™t get frustrated when something doesnโ€™t work out. Just pass it on, and try again.

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