Super Savvy 💡 Ways to Give up Your Deodorant 👃🏼 and Go All Natural 🌾 ...


Tell us if this has ever happened to you.

You live in a crowded city, which means that one of your biggest nightmares involves being stuck on a crowded train 🚉 with someone's armpit jammed into your face.

Or you put a healthy 🍑 amount of deodorant on in the morning, only to realize that it wore out after two hours.

Now, you're left trying to hide the fact that you have major body odor going on while talking 📱 to that cute guy 😉.

The idea 💭 of going au natural used to freak me out, until I realized just how many chemicals are in the popular deodorants we use today.

So I decided to put these natural alternatives to the test.

Get ready to sweat 💦 it out with sweet 🍦 results!

1. Add ➕ More Plants 🍃 to Your Diet

Work your way from the inside out.

Vegetables 🍱 are a really good 👍 source of chlorophyll, antioxidants and fibers, which help your body fight 👊 odor internally.

Speaking 💬 of Chlorophyll...
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