8 Scrumptious Smoothie Recipes for Smooth Skin ...

Smoothie recipes for skin not only taste great but also help you achieve a radiant complexion!

To me, smoothies are the perfect combination of healthy and delicious.

Theyโ€™re so yummy itโ€™s almost like eating dessert, but if you keep the ingredients wholesome itโ€™s good for you too!

Check out these 8 scrumptious smoothie recipes for smooth and silky skin and sip your way to a radiant complexion!

1. Glowing Green Smoothie

Glowing Green Smoothie

Kimberly Snyderโ€™s smoothie for healthy skin took the beauty world on by storm!

Lots of ladies swear by the Glowing Green Smoothie for clear skin, but youโ€™re also drinking around three cups of green vegetables that contain tons of fiber and other nutrients for a healthy body and a boost of energy!


ยฝ- 2 cups very cold, filtered water

6 cups spinach, chopped

5 cups organic romaine lettuce, chopped

2 stalks of organic celery

1 organic apple, cored and chopped

1 organic pear, cored and chopped

1 organic banana

1โ€“2 Tbs.

fresh organic lemon juice

Optional ingredients:

Ice cubes (the extra coldness can help newbies with the taste)

1/2 cup of organic cilantro

1/2 cup of organic parsley


Add water, spinach and chopped romaine to the blender.

Starting the blender on a low speed;

mix until smooth.

Gradually move to higher speeds and add the herbs, celery, pear, and apple.

Add the banana and lemon juice last.

*For 1 serving, cut out one of the fruits and the celery.

Wrinkle-Fighting Smoothie