13 Moisturizers That Won't Cause Acne ...

Moisturizers that won't cause acne and clog up your pores are hard to find! You want a moisturizer that is not only going to keep your skin looking moisturized and fresh, but also a moisturizer that won't cause acne. So ladies, I've compiled a list of a the top 11 moisturizers that won't cause acne and that will keep your skin looking fresh and clean! Trust me, these are the best moisturizers out there!

1. Clean & Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer

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Price: $4.97 at amazon.com
Clean & Clear is actually one of my favorite brands out there. Not only does this moisturizer that won't cause acne feel super light and super fresh, it will also keep your skin glowing! Just a little amount will work wonders and really make any dry skin disappear!

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