7 Daily Facial Moisturizers That Won't Hurt Your Budget ...

Daily facial moisturizers are basic staples to women who care about the very parts of their bodies that are central and visible to the expression of feelings and emotions. On a daily basis, you β€œface” people, right? Before buying your daily facial moisturizers, you should set a price ceiling – how much money are you willing to spend for this beauty product? Set a budget and determine how far (or near) can you go when it comes to spending. The price range of the moisturizers I used and still use is $9 to $25. I listed some of them below. Whether it will hurt (or not hurt) your budget is all up to you:

1. Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer

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As basic as daily facial moisturizers can get – that’s how I describe Cetaphil. The most important thing about putting on moisturizer is that it leaves your skin soft and hydrated. It’s not expensive (only $12.49) and can last a long time. It has SPF 15, giving you extra protection from the UV rays that can cause wrinkles and premature lines.

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