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Homemade skincare products are sort of trendy right now, but that doesn’t make them good choices for everyone. Making them is easy and many of the ingredients used are highly beneficial for your skin. It’s important to consider what goes into your products as well as the packaging you use to store your products. That’s because these two factors can make or break the effectiveness and safety of your homemade skincare products. Here are some things to think about before you make the switch to your own items versus store bought ones.

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Homemade skincare products are easily contaminated so one of the most important things you need to think about are what you put your products into when they are finished being made. Most experts recommend using dispensing containers for safety purposes, but if you plan to reuse jars or other containers, make sure you sterilize them before filling them with your products.



Store bought skincare products are usually designed for a range of storage temperatures. However, homemade products aren’t as processed and may not remain safe to use if you store them improperly. Make sure you research what ingredients need to be stored in which conditions so your skincare routine is helpful and not harmful.


Follow Recipes

If you’re new to homemade skincare, it’s a good idea to use prepared recipes so you can learn how to get ratios right and which ingredients work well together. You can find a plethora of options online or at the library. Once you gain confidence with your skills, you can try mixing and matching your own concoctions.


Smell It

Most skincare experts suggest giving your homemade products a quick whiff before using them. Because your own creations spoil faster than store bought items, the smell test will let you know if your products are safe to use or if they have turned and need to be tossed in the garbage.


Keep It Dry

Water is the enemy of homemade skincare products. Introducing moisture into your products breeds bacteria and can leave you slathering germs and other icky stuff all over your body. You know what that means, don’t you? Breakouts, rashes and sometimes even worse. Make sure your hands are dry any time you dip into your skincare containers and keep them closed at all times to prevent water from being splashed into the products.


Use Fresh Ingredients

Your kitchen is a great place to find anything you need to create homemade skincare products. That being said, it’s important to make sure you are choosing fresh ingredients so that only the best of each is coming into contact with your skin. Avocados, yogurt, honey, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil and oatmeal are commonly used items.


Don’t Share

I know it’s tempting to offer up the products that work best for your skin to your friends and family. Resist that temptation when it comes to homemade skincare products. Again, this is because homemade concoctions are more susceptible to bacteria growth and contamination. If you must share, prepare your loved ones a container of their very own. That way you can both benefit without having to worry about disgusting negative consequences.

Do you make homemade skincare products? I have made sugar scrubs and dry skin lotions at home and I love how they make my skin look and feel. Do you have any tricks or tips to add? How about some great recipes?

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My cousin is getting married next year and I am planning to give her some homemade skincare products (probably bath salts and sugar scrubs) as part of her bridal shower gift. Glad I came across this article as I plan within the next two weeks to buy the ingredients in small quantities so I can practice first.

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