7 Incredible Products for Acne Prone Skin ...

Having dealt with it as an adult, I've tried a variety of products for acne prone skin. I've tried everything from high end to low end products and finally found the right products for me that have cleared up my skin! I am now comfortable and confident in my bare skin! Here are some great products for acne prone skin that have worked wonders for me.

1. Mario Bedascu's Drying Lotion

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The first and most amazing of products for acne prone skin is Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion. This product can be found in Nordstrom or online. It is a small 1oz bottle that will change your skincare routine! Stick a Q-tip into the tube until it picks up some of the pink powder at the bottom of the bottle. Then, remove the Q-tip from the bottle and apply the pink formula onto pimples and zits before bed. Get back to me when you wake up and won't believe your eyes!

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