7 Ultimate Spa Treatments That Will Baby Your Skin ...

By Eliza

I love spa treatments anytime, anywhere! There are many of them specialized for specific jobs, such as skincare. If you want to baby your skin, or you just need a good excuse to book yourself into the closest spa, try out some treatments that will leave your skin fresh, clean and glowing for many months. Here are a list of some great spa treatments that totally baby your skin and leave you feeling great too!

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Green Tea Massage

As if a massage wasn’t one of the best spa treatments out there already? Add green tea to your massage and your skin will thank you forever. The green tea is massaged right into your skin, similar to the way a traditional oil is used. Experts say it’s a great way to soften your skin. Green tea is packed with antioxidants, which are also great for keeping your skin healthy and combating the effects of environmental toxins. Check your local spa to see if they offer this treatment. If not, ask if they’ll add it to their menu.


Body Scrub

Letting someone else exfoliate your skin might seem a bit weird, but the truth is that you can’t possibly reach every spot on your body. Having a body scrub at the spa means you’ll get every inch of your skin rubbed down, sloughing off the dead cells and leaving the radiant new skin underneath shining through. Plus, a body scrub is super relaxing and you’ll ease stress and feel happier for quite a while afterward.



If you want to focus on your face, a facial is the perfect spa treatment for you. I have actually fallen asleep during a facial – they just feel that good! Your technician will gently cleanse your face, then rub it with special products designed to help you look younger by fighting wrinkles and other signs of aging. She’ll also slough off old skin and reveal younger skin underneath that looks healthy and glowing. The best part is the warm towel she puts on your face toward the end of the treatment.


Chocolate Treatments

Chocolate contains many antioxidants, which can help fight aging in your skin so you always look as healthy as possible. If everything chocolate makes you happy, find a spa that slathers it on your skin and just wait and see how good you’ll look afterwards. Just try not to eat it during the treatment.


Mud Treatment

Mud isn’t just for kids! Check out how awesome a kid’s skin looks and you’ll know why – they play in the mud all the time! Now it’s your turn. Most spas offer some type of mud treatment and you’re going to love how it feels. The mud is gently slathered all over your body and left to dry, then is rinsed off. As the mud sits there it opens your pores and lets all the good stuff from the mud get into your skin and leaves you looking and feeling beautiful.

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Hot Stones

Lying still with hot stones on your body is super relaxing! The benefit to this treatment is that the heat in the rocks encourages cellular turn over, leaving you with fresh looking skin in no time. They also boost circulation, which is definite perk for your skin. It’s not hard to find a spa that does this treatment, but make sure they let you test the temperature of the stones before getting started so you don’t get burned or feel uncomfortable.


Volcanic Ash

Yep, you read that right! Volcanic ash is an ingredient used in many fancy spas, but you can probably find someplace near your home that can perform it, even if you don’t live in Beverly Hills. The treatment involves applying the ash to the skin, usually on the face, to pull out blackheads, control oil and leave skin feeling super soft.

Do you get regular spa treatments? I totally wish I could go more often. If you want a list of special treatments at specific spas, check out the sources below. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of them.

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