7 Ultra Easy Steps for a Shave That Leaves Your Legs Super Soft ...


Easy steps for a shave are ideal for any girl now that spring is upon us. The right technique will leave your legs smooth and ready to show off all the great shorts, skirts and dresses gracing store shelves now that the temperature is warming up. Luckily, this handy guide I’m about to share with you won’t take much time or effort, so you can go from prickly to super soft in no time. Take a look at these easy steps for a shave and you’ll know what I mean.

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Use Lots of Water

Just the thought of a dry shave makes me cringe. The sound alone is enough to strike fear in my heart. One of the best on my list of easy steps for a shave is to use lots of water. I tend to shave my legs in the shower so the water runs in a continuous stream. Making sure to keep your legs wet before, during and after a shave ensures the closest shave possible and keeps you from having those dreaded red razor bumps afterward.


Use Glycerin Shaving Cream

Why? Because it makes for a closer and smoother shave. All you need to do is read the ingredients to make sure you’re getting what you bargain for. If all else fails, it’s better to use a different type of shaving cream or gel than nothing at all. Even a dab of conditioner or body soap is better than just water.


Find a Razor with Multiple Blades

Sure, a single blade razor will rid you of hair on your legs, but for the closest and smoothest shave you can get, opt for a razor that has three or four blades. This works by allowing each razor to shear off the hair closer and closer to your skin so your legs are left soft and super smooth with no extra effort.


Shave in the opposite Direction of Hair

Obviously, shaving in the wrong direction isn’t going to do a whole lot of good. You need to shave the against the grain of your hair. That means shaving upward for most women. Since leg hair grows down, shaving in a downward motion isn’t going to cut off any of the strands. Instead, start at your ankle and shave up toward your knee, then from your knee up your thigh. I find this way easier than shaving down anyway.


Replace Your Razor Often

A dull blade can still cut you, but it also does a pretty poor job at removing all your leg hair. It’s a good idea to replace your razor or the blades in your razor frequently to keep the edges sharp and ready to shear off your leg hairs. I change my razor once a month or so, but the more you shave, the more often you should do it. That means when summer comes, I change mine more often and you should too.


Rinse with Cold Water

This closes your leg pores and allows you to make sure you didn’t miss any spots. If you did, use warm water and shaving cream to go over them one more time. There’s nothing worse than hopping out of the shower and finding out you missed a patch when you were planning to wear those awesome new shorts tomorrow.


Apply Lotion

It’s a great idea to moisturize your legs after you shave them. It really helps cut down on the itchiness and redness that can often result afterwards. Also, applying lotion when your skin is still slightly damp helps keep it soft and supple.

What’s your best tip for shaving your legs? Do you think any of these steps will help you? Let me know how they work out.

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I usually shave downward. It works fine with me. I use to shave upward but it would cause razor burns.

Exfoliate before hand too! Helped me a lot.

shaving in the "correct" direction causes leg hair to come back thinner. also, you don't need to replace it often (unless it rusts). I replace mine every four months and it's perfectly fine.

I Would say definitely use oil instead of shaving gel... ;) any kind of oil will do. Almond, avocado, sunflower ...whatever

For some women, lotions after you shave irritate the skin

this article is so wrong it's aggravating! a razor with many blades does more harm than good. it actually irritates the skin and is the cause for more ingrown hair.

I use baby oil instead of shaving cream. Works great and leaves skin smooth.

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