10 Amazing LUSH Products for Your Bath ...

I love taking baths. I'm serious, I can spend hours in the tub, generally because I'm reading a book and am so warm and comfortable, and enjoying it so much, that I can't bear to get out until I'm done. The habit goes way back. Since I spend so much time in the bathtub, I also like to pamper myself, and one of my favorite ways to do that is by using LUSH's bath products. They have tons of great products, from shower gels to shampoos and conditions to deodorants and some great skincare – but it's their bath products I really adore. Here are 10 amazing LUSH products for your bath too, all with my heart recommendation!

1. Sex Bomb

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Price: $6.45 at lushusa.com
This is, without question, my very, very favorite bath bomb. It's gorgeous, first of all: as it spins and dissolves in the tub, it makes this glorious pink and purple swirl of color. The scent, too, is just delicious. It mainly smells of jasmine, and it's sensual, feminine, and soft all at once – plus it leaves your skin feeling luxurious!

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