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I love taking baths. I'm serious, I can spend hours in the tub, generally because I'm reading a book and am so warm and comfortable, and enjoying it so much, that I can't bear to get out until I'm done. The habit goes way back. Since I spend so much time in the bathtub, I also like to pamper myself, and one of my favorite ways to do that is by using LUSH's bath products. They have tons of great products, from shower gels to shampoos and conditions to deodorants and some great skincare – but it's their bath products I really adore. Here are 10 amazing LUSH products for your bath too, all with my heart recommendation!

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Sex Bomb

Sex Bomb Price: $6.45 at lushusa.com
This is, without question, my very, very favorite bath bomb. It's gorgeous, first of all: as it spins and dissolves in the tub, it makes this glorious pink and purple swirl of color. The scent, too, is just delicious. It mainly smells of jasmine, and it's sensual, feminine, and soft all at once – plus it leaves your skin feeling luxurious!


The Comfort Bubble Bar

The Comfort Bubble Bar Price: $9.95 at lushusa.com
LUSH also has amazing bubble bars – bubble bath in a bar shape! The Comfort Bubble Bar is one of my favorites. It's main scent is blackcurrant, and it is just delicious. The great thing about these bars is that they are enormous, so you can break off a piece for each bath you take, which makes it last a long, long time. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth as well – like Calgon, but ten times better!



Dreamtime Price: $5.95 at lushusa.com
LUSH also has bath melts, which are a little like bath bombs but rely more on essential oils. The Dreamtime melt really is dreamy. It makes you relax so much, in part because of its scent profile. It has jasmine as well, but it's the lavender that really gets you, along with hints of sandalwood. It also has more than a little cocoa butter, which has a fantastic effect on your skin.



Price: $6.95 at lushusa.com
They also have amazing soaps at LUSH. Porridge is just as yummy as it sounds. It has citrus acid (orange juice!) as well as porridge oats. Like any oatmeal soap, it is great for your skin. Plus, when combined with your bath water, it makes this incredible, milky soft soap that feels so good!



Twilight Price: $4.95 at lushusa.com
Twilight is another amazing bath bomb. It has tonka in it, which is a little like vanilla, so the smell is just lovely. Plush, there's lavender, ylang ylang, and even Ovaltine! I have to confess, I also love what it does in the water. The bomb itself is covered with stars, and that's just what the water looks like: once it dissolves, your bath water starts looking like a twilit sky.


A French Kiss

A French Kiss Price: $8.95 at lushusa.com
The French Kiss is another bubble bar I love. It's harder to break apart because it's actually shaped like a Hershey's kiss! It's main ingredient is lavender as well, so it's incredibly calming and soothing. It also has rosemary and thyme, which creates a beautiful scent and a lovely, soft, silky bath. Your skin is super moisturized after a bath with one of these kisses.


MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment

MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment Price: $7.95 at lushusa.com
This bath melt actually has marshmallow powder in it! The lovely, luscious, fluffy pink melt also has cocoa butter, so it leaves your skin so silky. This one is actually mixed with a bath bomb as well, so it has double the staying power. It also makes for a wonderful, girly kind of bath when it melts – pink water!


Think Pink Bath Bomb

Think Pink Bath Bomb Price: $3.95 at lushusa.com
This bomb has tonka in it as well – I'm a sucker for vanilla-like scents, what can I say? It has lovely little daisies embedded into its surface, and they go bobbing around the tub before dissolving – one of my favorite things! It also has Neroli oil, which LUSH claims can create euphoric feelings. I can confirm that it does make you feel incredible!



Noubar Price: $5.95 at lushusa.com
Noubar soap is one of my favorites. It's because of my love affair with all things green – and with pistachios! It has chopped peanuts and walnuts as well as pistachios, so you almost want to take a bite – if you like nuts, of course. As promised, it smells a little smoky and sensual, thanks to the addition of vetivert, and it really does remind you quite a lot of nougat.



Price: $4.95 at lushusa.com
Last but most definitely not least, we have the Fizzbanger! I love this because I love the scent of apples. This one has scents of cinnamon as well, so needless to say, it smells delicious. There's also Petitgrain oil, which makes it smell fresh and, well, lush, actually. This is what I always go back to after the holiday season – because it's only then you can get the So White bath bomb, which also smells of fresh, crisp apples.

What's great about LUSH is that their products are completely natural. They have tons of great products, like sea salt shampoo and honey based face masks. What's your favorite LUSH product?

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