7 Skin Care Essentials in Your 40s ...

Skin care essentials in your 40s may not be a concern now, but they will be! In your teens, your biggest skin care concern was whether or not you’d have a breakout before a big dance. In your twenties, you were worried about tan lines. But now that you’re nearing you’re 40s, like me, you’re a lot more worried about fine lines, wrinkles, and a myriad of other skin care concerns. Curious about what your skin might need, and what it won't; what the skin care essentials in your 40s might be, and what can wait? There’s a product to address every worry you might have, and I can recommend an entire regimen of them! Here are 7 skin care essentials in your 40s.

1. A Gentle Wash:

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Philosophy Purity Made Simple

Price: $10.00 to $40.00 at sephora.com
This extremely gentle face wash works double-time, removing make-up, dirt, and other impurities from your skin while also moisturizing. I use it at night, the first step in my bed-time skin care ritual, and I love how well it works!

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