7 Best Moisturizers for Winter ...


7 Best Moisturizers for Winter ...
7 Best Moisturizers for Winter ...

With winter coming into its own, its cold breezes are here for another few months, so you probably need to know the best moisturizers for winter. Cold, harsh winds can make skin dry, dull, and sore, right? I have the 7 best moisturizers for winter to help you keep that fresh, subtle, healthy, look! These are some of my favorite moisturizers and I can truly agree that they are the best moisturizers for winter!

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One of the best moisturizers for winter is Cetaphil. This brand maybe a bit on the pricey side, but, it truly is worth the number one spot! With its non-oily, non-comedogenic perks it leaves my skin fresh, oil free, and not cake like. Some moisturizers when applying feel heavy on the face. Personally, I feel that Cetaphil broke that stereotype for me!



Second on my list of the best moisturizers for winter comes Aveeno! Aveeno has natural characteristics along with the power of SPF 15, accompanied by naturally calming feverfew, which is clinically proven to visibly reduce redness and soothe irritated or sensitive skin. It is also Oil-free and non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic. This light, fast-absorbing lotion moisturizes skin all day long to help actively manage sensitive skin.



Murad sneaks its way onto my top 3 list of the best moisturizers for winter because of its genuine characteristics. Murad Acne Skin Perfecting Lotion is an ultra-light moisturizer specifically designed for acne prone skin. Its professional skin care formula refines the texture of your complexion while preventing clogged pores. This lotion also works to minimize the appearance of large pores while soothing redness and irritation. All that’s left is a clean, clear and fresh complexion. Perfect not only for winter, but, for everyday use all year long!



Olay Active Hydrating Lotion makes it on the list for its immediate surge of active moisture to soothe dry skin; it also restores hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Thus, the result is soft, smooth, beautiful skin. Olay is light, non-greasy, dermatologically tested, and non-comedogenic. Can’t complain as to why this is on my list of best moisturizers for winter!



Who doesn’t like natural moisturizers?! Added vitamins too?! Win! Neutrogena comes kicking on the number 5 list! Neutrogena replenishes essential skin nutrients and provides continuous moisture nourishment throughout the day. Fortified with vitamins B, C, E and antioxidant omega bio nutrients, this moisturizer is clinically proven to boost skin's defense against dullness and roughness. Leaves skin naturally radiant, healthier and younger looking. Go Neutrogena!



Philosophy Hope in a Jar will keep your skin hydrated, soft, and subtle. In a convenient pocket size container, you can take this little gem along with you wherever you go! Who doesn’t love moisture on the go?! I do! That’s why Philosophy makes it to my number six spot of the best moisturizers for winter!



For ladies who want to protect their skin from those chemical nasties, look to paraben-free brand Yes to Carrots. Its purse-pleasing day cream contains both organic carrot and orange juice which act as anti-oxidants, leaving skin smooth and glowing. If you haven't tried the orange, snap it up now! You’ll thank me later!

These 7 best moisturizers for winter have never left my skin looking dull, or dry! From its natural competitors, to its well-known brand name colleagues these moisturizers won’t fail you! Do you have any brands, or moisturizers you’d like to recommend?

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Have you ever tried Dior's Hydra line? It is so soft, so concentrated. Slightly more expensive but SO worth it!

I agree with Christina; LOVE Cliniques Moisture Surge! Also, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is my go to! i've been using it since 5th grade and its never let me down! great for dry skin!

Clinique moisture surge is the best moisturiser ive ever try!!

I love kiehl's creme de corps! I actually have the whole line, it's totally worth it!

Also CeraVe is amazing!! My dermatologist recommended it and I'm still using it to this day! Fabulous. And I totally agree with aveeno and cetaphil!

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