7 anti-Cellulite Creams Worth Trying out ...


7 anti-Cellulite Creams Worth Trying out ...
7 anti-Cellulite Creams Worth Trying out ...

You may find this funny, but whenever I enter “anti-cellulite” in the search bar, I always get far more bronzers than treatments as a result. Funny, huh? Instead of showing me the best road to having a sizzling beach bod, the darn search keeps popping out things I could use to mask the real state of things. Well, today we’re saying “the hell with searches” and taking the matters in our own hands. That’s why I bring you 7 anti-cellulite treatments that could bring the capital B to our Beach Bods!

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Anti-Cellulite Massager

Anti-Cellulite Massager Price: $16.00 at sephora.com
Well, I’ve chose a very odd way to start a list of 7 CREAMS, I know. But this tool is something you must, and I underline must, have in order to get the best results. For all girls that have been asking how do get rid of love handles – this is the solution and it works with any contouring cream as well as the regular body lotion you use every day. I swear it works because I’m using it too! One month of everyday use and those love handles will be GONE! Use it to rub in your anti-cellulite creams too because only this way their best effect will show.


Nivea My Silhouette/ Good-Bye Cellulite

Nivea My Silhouette/ Good-Bye Cellulite Price: $15.75 at sears.com
Both of them cost the same and have the same great effect. My Silhouette is greenish, as you can see, and it contours the entire body and melts inches off your hips, waist and thighs while Good-Bye Cellulite is bluish(as much as I remember) and it literally melts away that ugly orange peel. I’ve used them both and they did a great job at preparing me for a hot bikini season.


Tarte CelluFIGHT

Tarte CelluFIGHT Price: $15.00 at sephora.com
As you can see, this anti-cellulite treatment isn’t expensive either and it doesn’t only help you get rid of cellulite, but covers the cellulite up in the process. How? Well, this is actually a 2 in 1 product – clinically tested anti-cellulite complex deals with the problem itself while a built-in gradual tanning solution deals with the cosmetic part, covers up the problem and helps your skin look better in the meanwhile. Pretty cool, huh? This amazing formula by Tarte isn’t only efficient but environment and skin friendly too as it is formulated without all those harmful chemicals I was talking about it some of the previous posts.


Shiseido Body Creator

Shiseido Body Creator Price: $65.00 at sephora.com
What is your experience with Shiseido? I’ve used a few products and I’m now considering of finally getting this one. It’s not a bargain, of course, so I hope it’s going to prove as a good investment. I mean, Shiseido is a good brand, I doubt they would risk their name by selling a product that does absolutely nothing. I haven’t tried it, though, so if anybody has anything to say, please speak now before I blow my hard earned 65 bucks on something that’s won’t last more than a month.


Vichy Laboratories CelluDestock

Vichy Laboratories CelluDestock Price: $38.00 at drugstore.com
When it comes to cellulite, we just have to start thinking about destocking rather than restocking! Do you agree? Well, Vichy laboratories always have the product we need and since I loved every single product I had a chance to use (except the foundation which was a bit too heavy although it gave perfect coverage), I have no doubts about this one. Just remember to use your anti-cellulite massager to rub this caffeine rich cellulite fighting treatment in.


FatGirlSlim by Bliss

FatGirlSlim by Bliss Price: $28.00 at sephora.com
Well, if we’re going to talk about caffeine rich products, we might as well mention this one. Everybody’s mentioning it anyways, so why should we be any different? Okay, it’s big, so you can definitely allow yourself the luxury and great effects of everyday use …but what exactly is there to expect? Well, this cream is supposed to iron those bumps and make your body more toned, slimmer and oh-so-cellulite-free. Swimsuits, here we come!


FatGirlSleep by Bliss

FatGirlSleep by Bliss Price: $38.00 at sephora.com
At Bliss slimming doesn’t have anything to do with being awake so you can get a good night rest and wake up looking better too. Amazing, isn’t it? A strong SlenderiZZZe complex tm releases its fat burning properties up to six hours which is definitely more than enough, considering the fact that you won’t be doing anything. Right? I don’t know about you but I totally love the idea. Well, I’ll definitely give this one a shot before going for that Shiseido one.

Do you have a favorite anti-cellulite cream or any other effective strategies to deal with this loathed texture? There is one brand that I haven’t managed to find online so, if you have a pharmacy nearby and you don’t mind the burning effect of hot anti-cellulite treatments, definitely keep a look out on Eveline. The tube is red and I don’t remember the exact name but, if you manage to find this brand, you’ll definitely find the cream too. It’s very popular and girls say it literally melts away all those fatty tissues although it burns quite a bit, so I’m a little bit scared.

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