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It’s important to know how to eliminate long term skin damage. Our skin is the first thing people see so we are very keen to take care of it. However, a more important reason to take care of your skin is because it is the largest organ in the body and it also the most exposed to the outside world. Here are a few tips to eliminate long term skin damage.

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One way to eliminate long term skin damage is to use products that have SPF in it. SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is a way to measure how long a product, for example sunscreen, will protect the skin from the sun’s harmful radiation. To further elaborate, let’s say your skin usually starts to burn after 10 minutes in the sun without the use of SPF protection. Now, if you were to use a product that had an SPF of 15, your skin would only begin to burn after 150 minutes in the sun (10 minutes without SPF x 15 SPF = 150 minutes of protection). In conclusion, try to use products such as foundations, sunscreen and lip balms that have a minimum of 15 SPF to protect your skin from harmful UVB (ultraviolet light) rays.



Not hydrating your skin with the appropriate products will have both short term and long terms effects. Short term, your skill will look ashy and dull. Plus, your skin will go into overdrive to produce oil, thus increasing the chances of acne. Finally, your skin will feel tight and begin to crack or peel in dry or cool climates. In addition, inadequate hydration will cause the skin’s protective barrier to “break.” Thus, in the long term, your skin and body will be exposed to UVB rays and other environmental factors.



Your body rejuvenates itself from the inside out. Even though using expensive, high quality or intensive hydrating crèmes will get you good results, drinking water will get you better results. A lack of fluid hydration can cause dull and dry skin. Plus, a lack of water in your daily diet will age your skin faster. Finally, your skin needs water so that your skin cells can function effectively and efficiently.


Chemical Free Makeup

Many cosmetics are full of harsh chemicals. Over time, these chemicals can irritate the skin, thus making it more sensitive. As a result, your skin’s protective barrier will be compromised, letting in many environmental dangers. Furthermore, many chemicals found in cosmetics can cause cancers in the long run – and not just skin cancer, but breast cancer as well. Research companies that do not use fragrances, dyes, sulphates, etc... in their products to save your skin from long term damage.


Picking at Pimples

Pimples are the worst! They are painful and an eyesore. As a result, all of us are self conscious of acne so it becomes very tempting to fuss with the skin when a pimple breaks through the surface. However, only when a pimple has a white tip should it be popped using something sanitary like a Q-tip (never use your fingers to pop a pimple since there are a lot of bacteria on your fingers and nails). Otherwise, never fuss with a pimple (no matter how big or irritating) or else you will run the risk of permanently scarring your skin or, even worse, creating craters in the skin.


Harsh Treatments

Some of us need a little more TLC when it comes to our appearance. For example, many women bleach, wax or get laser removal for facial hair. Although we need to do what we need to do to feel our best, treatments such as hair removal can irritate the skin and effect the reproduction of healthy skin cells. As a result, cell turnover will be slower, your skin will look duller and marks will last longer on your skin.


Food Masks

Using homemade masks is much healthier for your skin than using drugstore masks that dry out or irritate your skin. Plus, the ratio of healthy ingredients full of vitamins and nutrients to chemicals and preservatives in over the counter facial masks is low. Instead, making a mask at home with foods such as blueberries (full of antioxidants, good for reducing wrinkles and breakouts), peppermint (soothes the skin), honey (known as an antibacterial and great for cleansing the skin) and more will directly give your skin the vitamins and nutrients it needs – plus, it’s organic, fresh and you know exactly what is in it.

Having healthy skin makes you feel great because you know you look great! But more importantly, healthy skin affects the overall health of your body, as does unhealthy skin. What are other ways to eliminate long term skin damage?

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