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If your skin gets irritated easily, you’re probably willing to do anything to make it feel better. Irritated skin can be itchy or painful, not to mention that it doesn’t look all that great either. Skin can be sensitive in certain areas, but not in others. If you have any of the following signs that your skin gets irritated easily, it’s time to talk to a dermatologist and find a treatment that will help you look and feel great in no time.

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Red Splotches

This is one of the signs that my skin gets irritated easily and it might also be one that means your skin gets irritated easily. I tried out a different laundry detergent once and my entire body broke out in itchy red splotches that were one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever experienced. If you notice that the skin covered by your clothes is red and splotchy, try switching to a dye-free detergent. It worked for me!



Different from the above splotches, a rash looks red, but is often raised and very itchy. A rash might also produce bumps on the skin that aren’t comfortable at all. A rash can be due to lotion, make-up, certain types of fabric or plants. If you notice a rash cropping up after contact with a specific item, you likely have easily-irritated skin, though the irritants vary among people.


Broken Blood Vessels

Because sensitive skin is often thin and delicate, you might notice damage, even after a slight bump. If you notice broken blood vessels on various parts of your body, it’s a good idea to get it checked out by a doctor or dermatologist to be sure it’s actually sensitive skin or if there’s a bigger problem at play.


Swelling and Inflammation

Sometimes, skin irritation manifests as swelling or inflammation. It might accompany other symptoms, but sometimes appears alone. If you notice any type of swelling after contact with an irritant, you likely have sensitive skin, which can be treated with special creams and lotions. Talk to a dermatologist about the best one for your specific case of swelling.



No one likes chafing, but it’s a pretty common indication that you have sensitive skin. You might experience it when your clothes rub against your skin, when you sit down on a piece of furniture for too long or while you’re riding a bike. Wet clothing can also chafe, leaving your skin rubbed raw and totally uncomfortable. You can prevent it by wearing looser clothing or by using caution when you’re skin rests against certain types of fabrics.



Sometimes irritated skin can be painful. Especially if you don’t treat it properly or exacerbate it by ignoring the problem. If your skin hurts and is accompanied by other irritated skin symptoms, you might want to talk to your doctor about lotions or creams that can help minimize the problem so you don’t hurt anymore.



Sometimes you get a rash that you don’t notice until someone points it out or you feel changes on your skin, such as bumps. However, in many cases of irritated skin, you’ll itch like crazy. That’s just your body’s way of telling you there is something going on. Hydrocortisone cream is ideal for keeping the itch at bay until the irritation fades, but a doctor can help you figure out how to prevent it in the first place.

Do you have easily irritated skin? What causes it for you? Share how to take care of it – someone, somewhere is sure to thank you.

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I'm writing this because of a very recent episode of severely irritated itchy skin!!! I went to my derm doctor, and he saw me in a full blown period of blisters, itching, and pain!! He started me on a medication that treated my problem which he believes is actually related to a gluten allergy of the skin!!! Who knew??? I also starting using Cetaphil and a plain Bic disposable razor( no moisture strip, no shave cream, & no regular or moisturizing soaps or lotions!!!! What a difference these things have made!! Within a day or so my blisters were drying up, my skin stopped itching, and I started feeling human again!!! I also have to follow a gluten free diet, but it is worth it!! This is something you don't run across every day and my Dr had tested me for Celiac Disease before and I had always tested negative!! But you can have a gluten allergy that effects the skin. I was exasperating the problem by using a lotion and a moisture strip razor!!! Some of these things believe it or not contain gluten!! Also just shaving your legs with moisture strip razorers can inflame skin, as the razor removed the top layer of your skin an pushes a foreign product deep into the skin layers! If you are having problems with itchy legs. 1st try the Cetaphil an plain razor to see if that helps!! If it is still severe see your Doctor!! It could be more serious!! Thank you hopes this helps someone! Victoria

Does anyone use cocoa butter lotion?

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