7 Beauty Tips and Tricks for Oily Skin That You Must Read ...


7 Beauty Tips and Tricks for Oily Skin That You Must Read ...
7 Beauty Tips and Tricks for Oily Skin That You Must Read ...

Since the seasons are changing again, I thought it would be the perfect time to go over some tips and tricks for oily skin. There are certainly challenges to having oily skin, but we all have to make the best of what we’ve got and make it work. The warmer months often pose a problem with us dewy-skinned gals, so let’s brush up on some helpful tips and tricks for oily skin because before you know it, we’ll be changing seasons again!

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Identify Triggers

Are you aware of what triggers oily skin? Before we get into the actual tips and tricks for oily skin, it’s worth it to take a look at what might cause oily skin for you. For many, it’s genetics but it can also be the result of stress, hormonal changes, certain medications, seasonal changes, overusing skin care products or using the wrong products. If oily skin isn’t in your genes, there might be some changes you can make to alleviate your skin care woes.


Use Masks

Another helpful skin care practice for ladies with oily skin is to use a weekly clay mask to help get rid of excess oil and get rid of any impurities in your skin. Clay masks can also help minimize the appearance of pores and they’re considered to be gentler on the skin than other types of masks with chemicals so it’s a great choice when you’re looking to give your skin a little treat.


Use a Sponge

So far, we’ve talked about skin care, but there are certain tricks to use when you’re applying makeup. Using a Beauty Blender or other sponge to apply your makeup is ideal for oily skin as it dilutes product with water as you press it onto your skin. Makeup artist Vanessa Linzee says that if her face gets oily during the day, she uses a damp Beauty Blender to smooth her makeup back into place.


Put down the Powder

If you’re anything like me, you like to set your makeup with a good dusting of powder. Little did I know that I was actually doing more harm than good by doing so! Although we might feel compelled to really pack on the powder to get a nice, matte look, WebMD says that doing so can actually cause our pores to push out more oil, which is the exact opposite of what we want. Strategically place your powder on shiny areas like the T-zone and under the eye area instead.


Prime Time

Using a good primer is just as important as blotting papers for the oily girl. Make sure you pick out a good quality primer made especially for oily or combination skin. Don’t forget to prime your lids with a separate eye primer and if you have oily lids, you can also lightly set the primer with powder or a dry eye primer formula for a smooth canvas before you start applying eye makeup.


Easy Does It

Although the frustration of dealing with oily skin might cause you to want to take drastic measures, you always want to be gentle with your skin care. That means using a gentle cleanser, moisturizer and exfoliant so you don’t strip your skin of your natural oils or aggravate your skin to cause it to produce more oil. Also, avoid washing your face with hot water. This won’t get your face extra clean, it’ll only dry your skin out and cause it to produce extra oil or possibly damage it.


Plan Ahead

Even if you follow a strict skin care regimen, there will be times when your makeup decides to slip and slide. Plan ahead by keeping an oil-absorbing powder, blotting papers or a mattifying gel you can apply on top of makeup in your makeup bag so you can perform touch-ups on the go if needed. Just try to refrain from packing on more pressed powder on top of shiny areas as it can make matters worse, always blot excess oil away first!

Do give some of these tried and true tips and tricks for oily skin a try and let me know how it works out for you. There are lots of great beauty products available that are tailored to oily skin and can help make our lives a little bit easier. Do you have any tips or tricks for oily skin?

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