7 Absolutely Perfect Ways to Treat Dry Skin ...

There are lots of ways to treat dry skin, something I battle with all winter long. If you have dry, flaky skin too, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to suffer through the issue until spring comes. By taking care of your body’s largest organ (yep, that’s your skin), you’ll get rid of redness and discomfort while looking your absolute best no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Try out some of these ways to treat dry skin, then let me know what works best for you – I could always use a new trick too!

1. Use a Vaporizer

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You know that machine your mom put in your room when you were a kid with a cold? Well, it’s one of the easiest and best ways to treat dry skin. Simply plug it in and turn it on when you go to bed and it’ll keep the air in your room moist, which is great news for dry skin. Plus, it’ll clear up congestion if you have that too. Just remember to clean and fill the reservoir often to keep mold from growing and flying around the air in your bedroom.

2. Lower the Temperature in Your Shower

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Sure a scalding shower feels great when the temperature outside dips, but you aren’t doing your skin any favors by taking one night after night. All that hot water running over your skin sucks the moisture right out of it, leaving you with dry, flaky skin. I’m certainly not suggesting a cold shower when it’s freezing outside, but a lukewarm one is ideal for dry skin. You’ll still feel warm in there, but you’ll get out without bright red skin, which is a pretty good indication that you had the water too hot.

3. Fragrance and Chemical Free Skin Products

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I’m a fan of soap that smells clean, but if you prefer fruity or flowery types, you may be making your dry skin worse. The chemicals that give those products their scent can be very harsh on skin. It’s a better idea to seek out natural soaps, exfoliating scrubs, facial cleanser and lotion. They’ll do the job of moisturizing, but won’t inundate you with ingredients that will dry out your skin.

4. Try Olive Oil

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It’s for more than cooking! Olive oil is a great natural moisturizer that works wonders all over your body. Gently rub some into your elbows, face, knees, the bottoms of your feet and anywhere else on your body that’s dry. Do this before you shower, or rub it in really good, topped with lotion before you get dressed in the morning. Just be sure you don’t use too much or you’ll wind up with oil stains on your clothes and furniture.

5. Apply Lotion to Damp Skin

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Of course, it’s a good idea to slather on lotion anytime you need a dose of hydration on your skin. However, it’s a really good idea to put it on right after a shower or bath too. When your skin is still slightly damp it does a better job of sealing in the moisture from the lotion, which allows it to absorb deeper into your skin where it can really work to combat and treat dryness.

6. Drink More Water

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Water equals hydration, right? So it goes to follow that chugging more during the day can help keep your skin hydrated. Plus, it’s good for the rest of your body too. Try carrying a water bottle with you and sipping from it throughout the day. You’ll know you’re getting enough water if your pee is light yellow in color. If it’s darker, you definitely need more water.

7. Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables

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Not only are fruits and vegetables chock full of vitamins and minerals that you need for your health, but they’re a great way to hydrate your skin too. Produce contains lots of antioxidants, which protects your skin from environmental damage (of course you should also wear sunscreen every day too) and many have a high water content, which is ideal for skin hydration.

Do you battle dry skin? What’s your best method for treating it? Share your ideas with me!


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