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7 Simple Ways to Rehydrate Your Skin after Winter Ends ...

By Teresa

As winter comes to a close, everyone wants to find a few new ways to rehydrate your skin. Winter leaves us with dry skin that needs a little bit of a pick-me-up before it’s ready for the spring and summer months. If you’re looking for a few easy ways to rehydrate your skin, you’ve come to the right place. These tips are so simple that you may already be doing a few of them without realizing!

1 Drink Water

It is seriously so simple, but it’s easy to forget to drink the appropriate amount of water we need to keep our skin healthy and glowing. Especially as we get busier in our day-to-day lives, it can be very east to forget to stay hydrated. However, drinking water is one of the most important ways to rehydrate your skin after a dreary winter season.

2 Exfoliate

It may seem counterproductive, but ridding yourself of your dry skin after a long winter is one of the first steps in rehydrating your skin. Winter really dries out our skin and forgoing exfoliation makes it really difficult to rehydrate post-winter! Like I said, it seems counterproductive, but it’s vital to keeping your skin healthy!


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3 Moisturize Constantly

Immediately after exfoliating, make sure you have lotions or other moisturizers on hand. If you have a go-to lotion or moisturizer, keep a ton of it on hand as winter comes to a close. It’s vital to achieving rehydrated skin post-winter. If you don’t have one that you especially love, try out a few different travel-sized lotions until you find the perfect one. Finding a favorite lotion will make moisturizing everyday feel less like a chore and more like a luxury!

4 Try Baby Oil

It’s a universal truth that babies have the softest skin. You may not be a baby anymore, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use baby oil to moisturize after the winter season! It’s cheap, smells nice, and works wonders for your skin. It’s the perfect moisturizer, but it’s often forgotten about because it’s most commonly used on babies.

5 Have a Spa Day

Treat yourself! Go to a spa and relax. Your skin will thank you. If you can’t find time to go to a spa, or you don’t want to spend the money right now, treat yourself to a spa day at home. No matter which route you decide to go, you will feel so much more relaxed and your skin will feel so much more hydrated. Everyone wins!

6 Eat the Right Foods

A good diet is one of the most pivotal aspects of good, rehydrated skin. Some tasty and different foods to add to your post-winter diet are foods like cucumbers, celery, and even fish! It’s one of the easiest things you can add to your skincare regime! Simply eat delicious food and your skin will thank you!

7 Vitamins Are Everything

If you don’t already take vitamins, or even a simple multivitamin, there’s not really a better time to start than as winter is ending. If you take a multivitamin, look and see if vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Zinc are covered. If you’re not taking these vitamins, start taking them as soon as possible to promote healthy skin. Vitamins aren’t always the most fun pills to swallow (literally and figuratively), so if you don’t love swallowing pills daily, try gummy vitamins. They’re a little addicting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

How are you rehydrating your skin as winter comes to a close? Have you tried any of these tips? Which was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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