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7 Totally Doable Ways to Prevent and Treat Stretch Marks ...

By Eliza

Most moms want some great ways to prevent and treat stretch marks. Having a baby is the best thing you’ll ever do, but it sure does leave you with less than perfect skin on your belly, doesn’t it? While there’s really no way to get rid of stretch marks you already have, there are some easy ways to minimize their appearance and make them look lighter. Some experts say you can’t really prevent stretch marks either, but you can take measures to keep them from getting too bad. Here is a carefully compiled list of ways to prevent and treat stretch marks – let me know how they work for you.

1 Tretinoin Cream

Otherwise known as Retin-A, this cream is one of the most commonly prescribed ways to prevent and treat stretch marks. The cream is often prescribed by a doctor or dermatologist and should be applied exactly according to the dosing directions. Tretinoin is effective on new stretch marks, but doesn’t work as well on older ones. Get yourself a tube of it before your baby is born, then start using it right after delivery. It’s not recommended for use during pregnancy.

2 Lotion

Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the easiest ways to combat stretch marks. Simply apply a thick moisturizer to your body a couple of times each day. As it soaks into your skin, it’ll leave it well hydrated and supple, which might not prevent stretch marks, but will certainly go a long way toward keeping them as minimal as possible. I recommend lotion first thing in the morning before getting dressed and right after a shower in the evening.


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3 Scar Creams

When you think about it, stretch marks are damage to your skin similar to scarring you’d get from a cut or scrape. It makes sense, then, to apply scar cream to the marks on a regular basis to help them heal. This is also one of the more effective options for older stretch marks that really bother you as well as for new ones. Follow the directions on the scar cream you choose for the best results. In general, you’ll apply it to the area up to three times each day.

4 Vitamin E

Some women swear by vitamin E as a way to combat stretch marks. There’s no medical evidence, but if your friends say it works, it’s definitely worth giving it a try. Look for lotions or creams that contain vitamin E, or simply buy some capsules, break them open and massage them into your skin. This is generally a safe treatment during pregnancy so go ahead and get started with it as soon as you find out you’re going to have a baby.

5 Laser Treatments

Many dermatologists perform laser therapy for stretch marks. The treatment stimulates the skin and helps repair collagen and pigmentation that makes your marks highly noticeable. Talk to your doctor about the best type of laser for your stretch marks. The right choice differs depending on the severity, age and color of the marks.

6 Microdermabrasion

This treatment is often done in a dermatologist’s office, but some health spas also offer the treatment. Make sure you find someone who is trained and certified to carry out the procedure. Microdermabrasion involves blowing small crystals at your stretch marks to help polish the skin and make them look less obvious.

7 Healthy Diet

Here’s another great reason to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. It’s good for your skin. There’s no magic food that will stop or get rid of stretch marks, but a diet high in fruits and vegetables loads you up with the nutrients your skin needs to look and feel healthy. Plus they’re full of antioxidants, which are highly beneficial for your skin as well.

How to do treat your stretch marks? Is it working?

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